The Justice League, Avengers, and X-Men vs Doctor Manhattan in Epic Fan Trailer

A new supercut brings comic book properties from all corners of media together in an epic team-up. Superhero movies have become the biggest genre of film over the last several years. While franchises like X-Men and Spider-Man started at the turn of the millennium, the genre really took off in 2008. That was the year Marvel Studios kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man, while Warner Bros. debuted Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight - largely considered to be the best superhero movie ever made.

In the nearly ten years since those significant additions to the genre, superhero movies have evolved and largely populate blockbuster filmmaking. X-Men still is continuing; the MCU grows bigger every year; WB is still working at fully expanding their DC universe; and there are numerous properties hitting TV and streaming too. All of this content is a dream come true for fans of comics, but wouldn't it be great to see them all together in a complex story? Yes it would, and a new fan edit shows what that could look like.

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YouTuber UltraSargent released an epic supercut titled Unity that brings together heroes from all corners of the superhero genre to battle Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan. Editing together dialogue and scenes from the MCU, DCEU, X-Men, the Arrowverse, and more, the supercut shows just how big a crossover of this magnitude could be. Since it will likely never happen, this trailer is the best way for fans to glimpse the possibilities.

As far as fan edits go, this is right up there with the best. It is able to craft and convey a story centered around The Flash's Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). But, it also edits together some truly incredible scenes. Whether it is dozens of heroes discussing the future in S.T.A.R. Labs, Captain America and Iron Man fighting side-by-side with DC's Trinity, or Wonder Woman using Cap's vibranium shield, the imagery shown is something special. Not only is the trailer superbly put together, but it also has a nice message for fans near the end.

The title and final few minutes are a great reminder that fans should be thrilled to live in this time. Superhero content has never been bigger, and to paraphrase Bruce Wayne, fandom is stronger when they are not divided. Not only is the amount of superhero content greater than ever before, but the quality continues to improve. However, even in what should be a time of celebration for fans, most conversations surrounding these movies boil down to which brand (Marvel or DC) is better and why. That shouldn't be the focus and its potentially ruining the golden age of superhero movies. Hopefully the superhero movie fan community will not only love this supercut on the surface, but also embrace the message of unity as we move forward.

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Source: UltraSargent

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