Awesome Fan Trailer Celebrates the Rise of Female Superheroes

Though men in costume still dominate our screens in 2018, a lot of progress has been made where female superheroes are concerned, and a new fan-made trailer shows just that. The video pays tribute to the DCEU and MCU women by showcasing some of their most incredible moments on screen, taken from films like Wonder Woman and Avengers: Age of Ultron, with some clips from the recent Captain Marvel trailer included as well.

Fan trailers and video edits have an important place on the internet. We've seen trailers that use animation to retell a story, and others that bring in missing characters. Sometimes they're silly, and some of the time, they're better than the real thing. In this case, the creator made something completely new.

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The video in question comes from Twitter user harleivy, who frequently makes edits involving superheroes. Her original Twitter post has more than 21k retweets, 53k likes, and 685k views for the video itself at the time of this article's publication. In the video, we see Valkyrie, Gamora, and the rest of the women of MCU, as well as Wonder Woman (of course) and Mera from the DC universe, and even a clip from X-Men: Apocalypse featuring Jean Grey, who will take center stage in the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix from Fox's X-franchise.

The greatest thing about the trailer is that the tone is exactly the way it would be if this was a compilation of scenes starring Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and co. It showcases these powerful women at their strongest as well as in their darkest moments. The various voiceovers come together to tell the story of women who faced hardship to become who they are, and who are in charge of their own destinies, answering to no man. Their abilities, ranging from scrappy Peggy Carter to the otherworldly Scarlet Witch, are on display, and we even get a few shots of the signature superhero walk from a few of the ladies.

As things continue to change in the various constantly expanding superhero universes, it's possible that one day, the number of women on screen will match the number of men. For now, outrage over things like whether Carol Danvers should smile more, make it clear that we haven't come close to eliminating sexism in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter. But there's a lot of amazing representation to be seen today, as the end of the trailer proclaims: "Strong women. May we know them. May we be them."

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Source: harleivy/Twitter

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