Twitter Brands Handle 'Marvel vs. DC' Better Than Movie Fans

Twitter Brands Marvel vs DC Comics

An age-old argument found some unexpected participants, as various brand-name Twitter accounts weighed in on the merits of Marvel Comics and DC Comics. While Twitter fights between brand names are nothing unusual, this one was marked by how surprisingly civil it was - at least by the standards of Internet trolling.

There are many debates that have come to dominate popular culture and fuel countless online arguments. Who was the best Starship Captain on Star Trek? Are the latest Star Wars made by Disney worthy successors to the original trilogy? (Not to mention: Star Trek versus Star Wars.) Yet none of these arguments seem to inspire as much passion and vitriol as the question of which is superior - Marvel Comics or DC Comics? This particular debate has moved out of the comic shops and into the movie theaters, with thousands of devotees arguing the merits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. the DC Extended Universe.

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The current clash started when comics legend Gail Simone (best known for her work writing Deadpool and Birds of Prey) sent a Tweet to the notoriously sassy Twitter account of the fast food chain Wendy's, asking which they preferred - Marvel or DC. "Wendy" responded in a Tweet, which can be viewed below, expressing a preference for Marvel. This prompted much wailing and gnashing of teeth from DC Comics fans before the account said that "all comics are cool." Wendy's also responded to those who accused it of not knowing the comics, showing their nerd cred by referring to the hiatus of the popular independent comic Saga.

The Twitter accounts of other brands followed suit, voicing their own opinions on the Marvel vs. DC question. As of this writing, nobody has expressed a preference for DC Comics but a surprising number of companies have established their indie comics cred by choosing other options. Hot Pockets, for instance, expressed a preference for Valiant Comics. Kahiki Foods, a company best known for their frozen Asian cuisine, said that they chose Catalyst Prime - the superhero line of the independent comics publisher Lion Forge. The Twitter account of the popular Moon Pie dessert apparently cast their vote for The Incredibles, but the tweet was later deleted.

While this debate is unlikely to end anytime soon, we'd like to think that everyone can agree with the message posted to the Little Debbie Twitter account, whether they're a fan of Marvel Comics or DC Comics. The message, which can be viewed below, says that both companies deliver fantastic stories in their own way and that there is no need for one or the other to be seen as "better" when they can both be enjoyed on their own merits. The fun of comics and comic book movies vanishes when people give into hate and division and that goes against the core values of the superheroes such fans claim to believe in. It's a message of hope and inclusion that both Superman and Captain America would agree with.

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Source: Gail SimoneWendy'sLittle Debbie/Twitter

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