Marvel Zombies Are Returning To Take on DC's Undead

Marvel Zombies Comic Wolverine Deadpool

The chilling tale of the undead Avengers will unfold once more, now that the return of Marvel Zombies has been teased by the comic book publisher. Although in what form, or for how long, is still a total mystery.

For those comic fans who have joined Marvel in recent years, the absence of their Zombie forms will be easier to tolerate. But for the readers how experienced the rise of the infection, first in Ultimate Fantastic Four before spreading into the 2006 miniseries Marvel Zombies, the horde can't get here soon enough. And after DC made a killing with DCeased, their own version of an undead apocalypse striking planet Earth... it's no surprise to see Marvel starting up their old zombie factory, too.

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The original Marvel Zombies series was written by Robert Kirkman (who recently ended his Walking Dead comic by surprise) and Sean Phillips, beginning with single infections, as in most zombie horror films. But when the speedster Quicksilver was bitten, and felt the sudden urge to feed on flesh, the infection had spread across the Earth in mere seconds. Who will be tackling the Marvel Zombies when the brand returns is still a mystery, with the publisher releasing only the following artwork by Inhyuk Lee:

Marvel Zombies Teaser Image

As far as taglines go, "The dead will walk again" is about as nondescript as it gets, confirming only that Marvel's Zombies are returning. Of course, the fast approaching spotlight of San Diego's Comic-Con International promises more details sooner, rather than later. Fans will be sure to wonder who will be writing the new series, who will be drawing it, and if it will be a literal return to Earth-2149. But those focused on the competition between Marvel and DC Comics will ask how this returned series will measure up to DCeased, the currently ongoing zombie tale tearing apart the DC Universe.

The timing of the teaser is telling, potentially, and guaranteed to earn a roll of the eyes from the most cynical of comic fans (and a cracking of the knuckles for those who love a good zombie-off). But there's no denying that Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine's horror tale DCeased has proven that 'zombie fatigue' is NOT a factor when it comes to everyone's favorite superheroes. Not when the story and artwork are compelling enough to make the cover price worth it, at least. Interestingly enough, the six-issue series will be wrapping up in October, just as Marvel's undead event will apparently begin. Coincidence, surely.

DCeased Comic Mattina Covers
DCeased Variant Covers by Francesco Mattina

But can the heroes of the Marvel universe find similar success? This teaser image sells the premise as well as any could, highlighting the same gleeful gore as the jaw-dropping range of covers produced for DCeased (including Lee's). Fortunately, comic fans will only need to wait a few more months to see what Marvel has in store.

Marvel Zombies will return this October, although in what form, series, or story is completely unknown for now. Stay tuned for more announcements or reveals out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

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