How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Gina Carano – While the range of her acting ability has not yet been fully tested, Carano certainly has the physical stature and fighting ability to pull off the role of Typhoid Mary. Her role in Haywire introduced her to a whole new audience that may have been unaware of her MMA presence. Carano's fame has risen exponentially since then (having landed a role in The Fast and the Furious 6), making her an interesting gamble to play the troubled villain.

Katee Sackhoff – With Fox matching her own interest in playing the role, Katee Sackhoff is all but a shoe-in for Typhoid Mary. Though she's currently starring as a no nonsense deputy on the A&E series Longmire, the actress has made a name for herself by playing women whose personalities are a little more scattered. On Battlestar Galactica, Sackhoff turned in a wonderfully complex version of Starbuck and managed to turn the young actress into a standout amongst a large ensemble, a feat she repeated in more genre fare like the short-lived Bionic Woman reboot on NBC. Given her passion for the job and intense fan following, Sackhoff definitely has what it takes inhabit the role of this twisted villain.

Michelle Rodriguez – In addition to being the most prolific of the three candidates – having appeared in The Fast and The Furious franchise, Avatar and Lost – Rodriguez might also be the actress best suited to encapsulate the varying extremes of Mary's personalities. Rodriguez is mostly saddled with playing characters who don't exactly wear their emotions on their sleeve, so this would be a chance for the actress to branch out and display her range.

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