How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Bullseye Mike Deodato

As much as Daredevil is a thorn in Kingpin's side, Bullseye is a knife to the heart of Matt Murdock. Blessed not only with the uncanny ability to use any common object as a lethal weapon, Bullseye is also a seriously deranged hit man with a penchant for killing those with whom Daredevil has been romantically linked. Whether it's slicing a person's throat with a playing card from across the room or simply taking their life with his bare hands, Bullseye manages to apply his notoriety to his advantage, rather than slink around in the shadows and use mystery as his ally. To that end, Bullseye should have an onscreen presence that is at once intimidating, but also prone to reckless bouts of egotism.

Image Credit: Mike Deodato

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