How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Kingpin David Finch

Equal parts ruthless businessman and brutal thug, Wilson Fisk rules New York's underworld with an iron fist. Marvel's interpretation of the criminal leader has always been one of excess – both in physical size and consumptive ferocity. On the big screen, the late Michael Clarke Duncan showed that the character needn't be a carbon copy of the comic version to be a compelling villain; Fisk merely had to be portrayed as a dangerous man with deadly menace boiling just underneath his specially tailored suits. Foregoing the idea of a villain capable of hurling his opponent down a city block, and sticking to a more grounded criminal that is primarily a corrupt businessman, Kingpin can be tweaked ever so slightly into a modern villain unafraid to hire crazed killers to do his dirty work. That way, Fisk can keep his hands clean, but his fingers in as many illegal pies as possible.

Image Credit: David Finch

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