How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

John Barrowman – For starters, he's John Barrowman, so he'd be welcome to any role of his choosing. In this case, however, playing Battlin' Jack Murdock in flashback might be the role best suited for the actor who's been on everything from Doctor Who, to Torchwood and will be appearing in the upcoming Arrow series on The CW. He's a familiar face who could lend a lot of empathy to the reformed tough guy.

Holt McCallany – Since McCallany appeared as a boxer in FX's brilliant, but short-lived sports drama, Lights Out, this one is kind of a cheat. Still, McCallany proved he could not only convincingly handle the boxing required for the role, but he was adept at the heavier, dramatic moments of the series as well. We'd hate to see an actor like McCallany be typecast as a boxer, but imagining him as Jack Murdock is simply too perfect.

Thomas Haden Church – An actor who is not widely known for taking on roles of a fatherly nature, Church somehow still exudes a unique sort of paternal quality that is blended with an effortless ablility to portray flawed, but likeable characters. The role of Jack Murdock would be one rooted in examining a man's failings and his attempts to overcome them for the sake of his child. Church has shown he's capable of doing so in his role as Sandman in Spider-Man 3, but with Daredevil, the end product might not be met with such derision.

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