How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Peter Mensah – As Oenomaus in Spartacus, Mensah convincingly took on the role of Doctore (or teacher) and helped mold a near feral Thracian warrior into the man who would lead a rebellion against the Roman Empire. Given the humanity and depth Mensah brought to what could have been a simple stock character, he'd be an excellent choice to guide and shape Matt Murdock into the crime-fighting hero he will become.

Scott Glenn – Glenn has had a lengthy career in Hollywood, appearing in such films as The Right Stuff, The Silence of the Lambs and more recently, The Bourne Legacy. Glenn brings with him both instant recognition, and the ability to portray characters with the kind of calm demeanor befitting of a man like Stick. Glenn portrayed a similar character in Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, but with luck, a role like this might have a little more meat on its bones for the accomplished actor.

Mark Margolis – DING! Few actors can turn in a memorable role simply by contorting their face into a mass of hate and anger, but Mark Margolis managed to make Breaking Bad's Hector Salamanca a standout amongst a whole host of unforgettable characters. But Margolis is more than just a twisted face and an incessant bell, he's an accomplished character actor who is a favorite of Darren Aronofsky and, in fact, created a memorable mentor character of Sol Robeson in Pi. Margolis would also be a Daredevil veteran, having appeared in the 2003 film as Fallon.

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