How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Jason BiggsPie abuse notwithstanding, it doesn't take much to see Biggs in the role of Foggy Nelson. Perhaps more svelte than fans might imagine Foggy being, Biggs makes up for his penchant for exercise and occasional shirtlessness by displaying an ability to move through humiliating circumstances with a certain amount of humanity. As seen on the sitcom Mad Love, Biggs' comedic efforts are at home whether he's in a feature film or on television.

Patton Oswalt – Known primarily for his bitingly funny stand up, Patton Oswalt is also an accomplished actor capable of handling roles that range from hilarious to tragic. Last year, Oswalt appeared in Jason Reitman's Young Adult, and turned in one of, if not the most compelling performance in the film. As an added bonus, Oswalt is a known comic book fan and reader (yes, he actually reads them!), which means he probably knows more about Foggy Nelson and Daredevil than anyone else on this list.

T.J. Miller – Another stand-up comedian turned actor, Miller is probably best known for barely appearing onscreen, yet still being memorable as Hud in Cloverfield, as well as humorous roles in Our Idiot Brother and this summer's Seeking a Friend For the End of the World. Though he's put most of his efforts into comedic fare, Miller convincingly handled a range of emotions from behind the lens in Cloverfield, suggesting the actor is capable of more than simply displaying a kind of goofy, kindhearted demeanor – even though those qualities would suit the role of Foggy well.

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