How To Make The Perfect 'Daredevil' TV Series

Daredevil Paolo Rivera

Questions still remain regarding the live-action rights to Daredevil, after Marvel was reportedly willing to grant Twentieth Century Fox an extended period of time to develop a new feature film around the blind superhero. With Marvel interested in widening the audience for its upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film, the deal reportedly stated Fox could hold onto the Daredevil rights in exchange for Marvel being granted access to two of its key interstellar characters that Fox currently holds; namely, the purple-helmeted planet eater, Galactus and his shiny herald, the Silver Surfer.

What sounded like a good idea and a pretty fair trade would unfortunately prove fruitless, leaving Fox to briefly consider doing a gritty, '70s-inspired reboot from The A-Team and The Grey director, Joe Carnahan. Besides Carnahan's sizzle reel being met with something between mild enthusiasm and total apathy, the problem simply became the lack of time Fox had to get a quality project in production by the first part of October. And with that, it seems the rights to Daredevil are very close to being back in Marvel's hands.

In the event Daredevil does wind up back at the House of Ideas, there're many options available to the character. With Joss Whedon, developing not only a sequel to the billion-dollar grossing film, The Avengers, but a S.H.I.E.L.D. television series as well, maybe there is room for Matt Murdock in one of those. While that would be nice, we think The Man Without Fear could make for a great television series all on his own. Here's a look at how the series might play out and our top choices to cast this little Marvel What If?

Image Credit: Paolo Rivera

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