Will the X-Men-Inhuman Feud Finally End with 'ResurreXion'?

Will the X-Men-Inhuman Feud Finally End with 'ResurreXion'?

With the release of “Death of X” #1 and Terrigen clouds circling the globe, things are looking pretty bleak for the X-Men. Although some Inhumans are doing their best to help their mutant compatriots, others are preparing for a possible backlash - especially after the actions of Cyclops and Emma Frost in "DoX" are being revealed. Of course, with an impending event, “Inhumans vs. X-Men,” it doesn’t look like Marvel has much tranquility in mind for either superhuman group.

On the other hand, the third-act of the miniseries, titled “ResurrXion,” could offer an end to the strife – or perhaps something far worse – as the House of Ideas' promo hints at.

Today, Marvel released their first public teaser (the event was first mentioned during San Diego Comic-Con) for the event series, which set the title below four simple words: “An Ending. A Beginning.” "ResurreXion" will be a direct tie-in to the overall saga, following on the heels of “Inhumans vs. X-Men.” Aside from those enigmatic words, the final story remains a question mark, since no creative team or plot details have been released. However, it sounds as though Marvel will clue fans in on the title sometime next week. Take a look at the portentous promo below:

As the “Death of X” begins, Marvel is slowly peeling away the layers from their heavily-hyped ‘what happened to Cyclops and Emma Frost’ storyline. Chronologically speaking, "DoX" is the first time the Terrigen Mist was shown as harmful to mutants – something which drives Cyclops’ radical reaction and acts as mutant motivation for each X-related comic running along the same continuity. The closest thing to a rundown on the cryptically-named storyline came from SDCC, where Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso discussed the company's long-term X-plan (via CBR):

“We’ve been building to this moment for some time. In winter, we’ll do this story co-written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, with art by Leinil Yu. The Terrigen Mist has a detrimental effect to mutants but it sustains the Inhumans, so there are natural antagonism. You have two species fighting for survival, and maybe only one can win.”

The title “ResurrXion” has an oddly optimistic ring to it, at least mythologically-speaking, but the promo hints at a darker angle. “An ending” certainly plays off many fans' latent fears that mutantkind is about to be reduced to a Marvel memory. At the same time, many X-fans and Inhumaniacs are getting tired of all the fussing and fighting. The title, which features an X-Men ‘X’ and Black Bolt’s Inhuman ‘O’ logos, could mean Marvel’s most recent squabblers will find a way to put aside their differences – mist or no mist. Both teams could, theoretically, wave the white flag because giant monsters just started tearing up the Marvel Universe, at least if their book coincides with the release of Monsters Unleashed! in January.

Still, without any further information, the mysterious series itself could even take the teams in new directions. Speculation has run wild since Marvel's announcement, with fans hypothesizing every situation from the X-Men being revealed as secret Inhumans (and vice versa) to a reborn Jean Grey reviving the mutant team. Marvel clearly has something special in mind for both squads – the real question is, will fans be happy with their ideas for “ResurreXion?” More will be revealed when Marvel tips some of their hand next week.

What do you think "ResurreXion” means for the X-Men (and the Inhumans)? Let us know in the comments.

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X-Men/Inhumans: ResurrXion” has no official release date. “Inhuman vs. X-Men” #0 arrives in stores and online November 16. “Death of X” #1 is currently available.

Source: Marvel, CBR

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