Will Wolverine Return in ‘Weapon X’ for Marvel’s ResurreXion?

Does Marvel's teaser for a Weapon X miniseries or ongoing book reveal the rebirth of classic-era Logan as Wolverine for next year's ResurreXion?

Wolverine to Return in ‘Weapon X’ for Marvel’s ResurreXion?

Throughout Wolverine’s forty-two years of existence, the iconic anti-hero has managed to evade death and destruction on almost every occasion. Almost. The iconic Wolverine, James Howlett, appeared to have snikt! his last snikt! during Marvel's Death of Wolverine miniseries in 2014. However, as any fangirl or boy knows, comic book death isn’t anywhere near as permanent as its real world counterpart.

Since his semifinal bow, though, his surrogate daughter/clone Laura Kinney (X-23) has ably carried on his namesake, while his time-displaced counterpart Old Man Logan ensured the Marvel Universe still had a touch of gruff Canadian mutant in it. After two long years, though, could Wolvy be on his way back to the MU?

Marvel recently teased their upcoming “ResurreXion” event for spring of 2017. They have since announced that longtime X-Man Iceman will receive an ongoing title. Now, the House of Ideas has let slip that a brand new Weapon X series will kick off in 2017 (via Bleeding Cool). So far, though, no other details hhaveas been made available, including what the book's creative direction is or whom its artists/writers are going to be. The shattered cover image infers possible appearances from classic era Wolverine, X-23, Wildchild, Sauron, Deadpool, and Sabretooth – all products of the covert program Weapon X and its super-soldier spinoffs.

Get a sneak peek at the teaser cover below:

Wolverine to Return in ‘Weapon X’ for Marvel’s ResurreXion?

The Weapon X program (or the tenth iteration of the original Weapons Plus program which created Captain America) was a venture by secret Canadian government defense group Department K. Aided by the United States government, they were tasked to create superhuman warriors. Mutants were often chosen thanks to their unique powers – such as Wolverine’s healing capabilities – which allowed them to survive the brutal experiments.

Technically, the Weapon X series could merely be an exploration of the disturbing super-soldier program that created Wolverine and many others. At the same time, it seems awfully suspicious that Wolverine could potentially meet his maker in Fox's upcoming Logan movie around the same time Weapon X #1 debuts. Of course, it’s possible the latest series is set in the past, during the heyday of Weapon X. However, the presence of Laura Kinney's All-New Wolverine seems to indicate either a more modern setting or a possible anthology series.

If the title line is an anthology, one which digs into the clandestine program's history, fans could be about to enjoy a major enhanced-mutant shindig featuring favorites from all eras of Weapon X. Seeing as how Marvel’s trying to give their sales a kick in response to DC’s “Rebirth,” bringing back several classic X-Men, including Wolverine (even in flashback form), certainly makes sense. No matter what territory Weapon X #1 covers, gathering some of the program's most impressive specimens would be a guaranteed fan-pleaser.

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Weapon X #1 arrives in spring of 2017.

Source: Marvel [via Bleeding Cool]

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