Marvel Comics is Planning 'The Wedding of the Century'

Two Marvel Comics characters are getting married in the summer of next year in an event that's being teased as 'The Wedding of the Century.'

Storm and Black Panther

Two Marvel characters are getting hitched next year in an event that's being called 'The Wedding of the Century.' Details on who the characters are have not been released.

The upcoming wedding comes at a time when Marvel is working to restore the status quo of some of its most iconic characters with Marvel Legacy. In just a few short months since it was first announced, Legacy has already led to the resurrections of Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Professor X. We also know that Thor will reclaim his title, Adam Warlock is set to return, and the Avengers are going to be one team again.

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Marvel has released a teaser image promoting 'The Wedding of the Century', which is to take place on June 20, 2018. The image serves as an invitation to a wedding of two unrevealed Marvel characters. The invitation features art from five of Marvel's most iconic weddings: Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, Hank Pym and the Wasp, Black Panther and Storm, Northstar and Kyle Jinadu, and Cyclops and Jean Grey. The most important marriages excluded from the image are Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson and Vision and Scarlet Witch.

What's worth noting about marriages in the Marvel Universe that despite how important some of them are in comic book history, not many of them have lasted. Hank Pym suffered a nervous breakdown and attacked his wife. Though this led to a divorce, their romance persisted for several decades. Black Panther ended his marriage with Storm after discovering she had sided with the X-Men in the war against Captain America and the Avengers. The Summers' marriage ended with Jean Grey's death. Though Jean Grey will soon return to life, her husband is now dead as well. Mr. Fantastic has become a cosmic being, which keeps him from living a normal life on Earth with his wife.

It remains to be seen if 'The Wedding of the Century' will lead to a more lasting union than previous Marvel marriages. Fans are already speculating about the identities of the two characters. In recent years, fans have been introduced to numerous unlikely romances, such as Kitty Pryde and Star Lord, as well as Spider-Man and Mockingbird. It could be any of those, or it could be one of Marvel's older relationships, such as Gambit and Rogue, who are set to receive their own comic book series.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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