Tessa Thompson's Super Happy Reaction to Her Valkyrie Joining Marvel Comics

No one is happier than Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson that her portrayal of Valkyrie has inspired Marvel Comics to adapt the character for a new comic book series. Valkyrie already exists in the comics, but the addition of Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie to the comic book world distinguishes her as a separate character from the more sober, blonde heroine who bears the same name.

Earlier this week, Marvel announced plans for a new Exiles comic starring teleporting mutant Blink, a cartoon Wolverine, an aged version of Kamala Khan, an alternate universe version of Kang called Iron Lad, the original Nick Fury, and an MCU-inspired Valkyrie. This incarnation of the character was described by writer Saladin Ahmed as "The Lone Defender of Asgard." The character's design also matches Tessa Thompson's look in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Tessa Thompson responded to Valkyrie's inclusion in the Exiles comic on Twitter with a video of her in-costume dancing enthusiastically. Thompson also tweeted that she was "honored" to have her version of the character debut in the comics. Thompson helped director Taika Waititi create Valkyrie and has even expressed interest in reprising the role for an all-female team-up movie.

Thor: Ragnarok introduced viewers to a far different version of Valkyrie than the one comic book fans are familiar with. Thompson's Valkyrie differs from the classic character in more than just skin color: She is a heavy-drinking bounty hunter who put self-interest above the greater good, whereas the original Valkyrie was more of a traditional do-gooder with a unshakable code of honor.

Based on Ahmed's description of Valkyrie as a "maiden-wooing giant-slaying thunderbolt of a woman," we can assume that this Valkyrie's bisexuality will be more obvious than her movie counterpart as well as the original Valkyrie, who was never actually confirmed as bisexual in the comics. Her sexuality came into question when a female character kissed her in Fearless Defenders, but this was never explored further.

Fans of both versions of Valkyrie can find something to like about the MCU version appearing in Exiles. Thompson tweeted that "representation matters" in response to a fan's comment about being able to follow a character who looks like her. This news can also please fans who prefer the classic Valkyrie, as this means that she is not the MCU's Valkyrie and can still be introduced at a later date. Will this open the door for a team-up between the two Valkyries in the comics, or possibly in the movies?

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