The Original Thor is BACK in The Marvel Universe

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[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Unworthy Thor #1]


Two years ago Thor Odinson lost his “worthiness” and Jane Foster picked up Mjolnir, gaining the powers of Thor. Despite fan skepticism, Foster’s The Mighty Thor owned her godlike powers and has even added a few interesting concepts to the mythos of the series. However, things aren’t well in the Nine Realms. A war of realms brewing between Asgard and the Shi’ar, and Mighty Thor will have her hands full.

Meanwhile, Thor Odinson (simply going by Odinson now) has been drinking and fighting his way through his unworthiness. Just when he seems at his most bleakest, though, a few words could once again change the course Thor’s life.

In the inaugural issue of The Unworthy Thor – written by Jason Aaron (The Mighty Thor), drawn/inked by Olivier Coipel (Han Solo), with colors by Matthew Wilson – picks up during the Norse god’s post-hammer depression. These days, in lieu of his Avengers duty, he spends his time drinking and fighting disrespectful Trolls. After a brutal battle, Thor finds himself on the moon where Nick Fury Sr. whispered the secret which made him lose favor with Mjolnir (during the Original Sin saga).

The new ‘Watcher,’ known as the Unseen, who was once Nick Fury Sr., seeks out Thor, as he mopes about his unworthiness, with a major revelation. Apparently during the cataclysmic events of the Secret Wars, which destroyed the Multiverse, a powerful Ultimate Universe version of Thor’s hammer survived and made its way back to this universe. Thor deduces that, if the hammer were in his reality, it would head to old Asgard.

The Original Thor is BACK in The Marvel Universe

The only trouble is, upon arriving at his former home, (the realm which existed before Asgardia was constructed after the Siege event), he finds the old land missing. Fortunately, Thor has a lead, thanks to the return of Beta Ray Bill. He knows who swiped the planet, but it will take “an army” to bring Asgard back. As Bill unfolds his own tale, the next issues will shed light on where and who absconded with an entire former Norse god tenement. It’s this quest which will lead Thor to the prison world where he quests for Ultimate Thor’s hammer, seemingly in perpetuity – as teased earlier in Aaron’s run. The new series should also give old school fans and those new to the Asgardian hero a better appreciation for who Odinson is and and how far he’s fallen.

Even though Unworthy Thor starts out a touch on the slow side, it’s still an engrossing read. With such a short series, it seems unlikely that we’ll see the end of a worthy or unworthy Thor come after the fifth issue, and finding out what happens when (and if) he finally gets his hands on an alternate Mjolnir should prove very interesting. Thor's forthcoming struggles to regain his hammer, the one which plagues his dreams, should prove quite epic, especially with Aaron’s sure pen, Coipel’s evocative artwork, and Wilson’s lush wash of color.

There are definitely big things afoot in the cosmos – Norse God big. Hopefully, the miniseries will also elaborate on exactly what it was Nick Fury Sr. said to him two years ago on the moon which caused him to become unworthy. It should also delve into why the Unseen is intent on breaking protocol to help Thor regain his powers (it’s probably not a guilty conscience).

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Unworthy Thor #1 is currently available in stores and online. Unworthy Thor #2 ships on December 7, 2016.

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