Celebrate The Life of Thor With This Variant Art Before She Dies

Jane Foster as the new Thor

Marvel is preparing for the much-anticipated death of Jane Foster with a wave of variant covers for 10 of its titles, all of which featuring stunning art of Jane Foster as the God of Thunder. Foster's death is expected to pave the way for the original Thor to retake the mantle.

In the 2014 Marvel event Original Sin, Nick Fury whispered a secret to Thor that suddenly made him unworthy of Mjolnir. In turn, a new hero had to wield the coveted hammer. After a period of speculation and mystery, that person was revealed to be Thor's former love interest, Jane Foster. Described by writer Jason Aaron as "the Thor of the Marvel Universe," Foster has wielded the hammer for three years while also headlining The Mighty Thor comic book series. This year, Jane Foster's time as the God of Thunder will finally come to an end.

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Marvel has announced that the company will release 10 variant covers in March to celebrate Jane Foster's three-year run as Thor. The covers includes Amazing Spider-Man #797, Avengers #683, Black Panther #171, Daredevil #600, Doctor Strange: Damnation #2, Infinity Countdown #1, Invincible Iron Man #598, Mighty Thor #705, New Mutants #1, and Old Man Hawkeye #3. Illustrated by some of Marvel's most well known artists, such as Leinil Yu and Russell Dauterman, the covers show Jane Foster alongside key Thor characters ranging from Odinson himself, the War Thor, Malekith, Loki, Odin, and Frog Thor. Also, the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #797 sees Foster facing off with Venom.

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Marvel has been hyping "The Death of the Mighty Thor," a major storyline that began in the title's 700th issue, which gave viewers a glimpse of the future through the eyes of Karnilla. The vision previewed a new look for Thor, while also teasing appearances from the original Valkyrie, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Loki, and the Frost Giants.

"The Death of the Mighty Thor" is a story that pits Jane Foster against Mangog, a classic Thor villain created from the hatred of "a billion, billion souls." Mangog is a villain so powerful that to defeat him, Foster will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Her death is expected to impact the Marvel Universe in a big way.

What it means for Marvel in the long run is that Odinson will soon reclaim the hammer. With Captain America carrying his shield again, the Hulk possibly set to return, Wolverine back among the living, and Iron Man on his way back, it looks like the Marvel Universe is quickly returning to the status quo for most of its core characters.

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