Unworthy Thor Shows Beta Ray Bill His 'Warrior Madness'

Unworthy Thor 3 Thor Beta Ray Bill Marvel

[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Unworthy Thor #3.]

Now on its third chapter, The Unworthy Thor has been on an epic quest, one worthy of his Norse god heritage - for a remnant of a now-deceased Thor from an alternate universe: the Ultimate Mjolnir. He discovered that the ruins of Asgard were missing, where the alternate-universe hammer had supposedly landed (at least according to The Unseen/Nick Fury, Sr.). In his search for the vanished realm, the Odinson stumbles across his old friend Beta Ray Bill, as well as a whole mess of trouble.

It seems Thor isn’t the only one gnashing at the bit for the Dwarven mallet. Ancient cosmic entity, The Collector, has set his covetous eyes on it and will stop at nothing to possess its growing power. In addition, a shrouded figure has offered to swipe Mjolnir and bring it to the last person who needs any more ill-gotten power, Thanos.

'Warrior Madness'

Unworthy Thor 3 Thor Beta Ray Bill Warrior Madness Marvel

Now under lock and key in The Collector’s mind-numbingly expansive ship, Odinson's routine is one even Sisyphus wouldn't envy: Each day he breaks out of his cell and battle cadres of guards, only to be subdued once more, no closer to holding his prized hammer in his hand. His near-futile quest hasn’t gone unnoticed, either, as it seems his neighboring cell contains the scion of one of Hel’s greatest hel-hounds – a fearsome creature innocuously-named Thori (by Loki).

As Odinson readies another Houdini run, his comrade Beta Ray Bill stops by to give him a hand, after escaping his own cell and tracking down his hammer. Thor, however, consumed by “warrior madness,” with eyes flickering red, lunges for Bill's own Asgardian hammer, Stormbreaker. Fortunately, their battle is brief, ending as the mysterious hooded entity arrives with two fierce warriors. The Odinson and Bill trade blows before the cloaked figure realizes that Bill's hammer isn’t the one they’re looking for.

The Hammer Calls to Many

Unworthy Thor 3 Thor Collector Thanos forces battle Marvel

Ultimate Mjolnir seems to have gathered a sizeable fan club already. Not only are The Collector, Thanos, and Thor after it, but it also sounds like the enshrouded individual, the same entity that made a bargain with the Mad Titan to seek the hammer, may decide to keep it for her or his own devices...allowing them to regain some unspecified power, ability, or dominion.

After a short skirmish with Odinson and Beta Ray Bill, the trio makes their way towards one of the only relics from the now (probably) deceased Ultimate Universe. Upon finding it, they discover The Collector, already trying to unlock its secrets. As an Elder of the Universe, though, he’s not one to trifle with. Still, Thanos’ cohorts Black Swan and Midnight Proxima are no slouches either when it comes to combat. With the help of the mysterious mystic, they mount a considerable if brief assault, before the hammer itself ends the fracas. Apparently, the very individual who most desires it has awoken its fury: Thor.

A Storm Is Coming

Unworthy Thor 3 Thor onwards Marvel

As Unworthy Thor #3 wraps up, Beta Ray Bill, Thor, hel-hound Thori, and Toothgnasher race to face The Collector and his formidable forces, as well as Thanos’ warriors. The next chapter may also answer some of the nagging questions about the curious individual beneath the cloak. Clearly, they're familiar with Thor, since they refer to him as “the Prince of Asgard” and fear what would happen if he discovered their true identity. At this point, though, it could be anyone. But the glowing green eyes and an Asgardian font, there are several possible to look, but no certainties (could it be Hela, the Enchantress, or even, outside chance, Gorr?). Even Beta Ray Bill also seemed familiar with the mysterious magic.

The fourth chapter also promises to bring the Odinson ever closer to his prize, but at what cost? Even if he's deemed worthy of wielding the Ultimate Universe’s Mjolnir, the consequences of possessing this volatile and powerful Asgardian weapon from an alternate realm, as well as the possibility of two Thors in one realm could prove troublesome. Even Beta Ray Bill notes that it's “a hammer the likes of which I’ve never seen. With a power both strange and…hauntingly familiar.

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As we near the final two chapters of Unworthy Thor, Jason Aaron continues to unfold his masterfully-woven tale (with stunning art from Kim Jacinto, Olivier Coipel and Matthew Wilson), which also crosses Jane Foster's path in The Mighty Thor #15. The coming issues will mean big changes for Asgard, as the realm goes to war with Shi'ar, and could even mean two fully hammered Thors battling side-by-side.

Next: Will Thor Master The Ultimate Mjolnir?

Unworthy Thor #3 is currently available in print and online.

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