Marvel Reveals Mjolnir’s True Origin in Mighty Thor

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[Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Mighty Thor #11 and 12.]


Thor’s Hammer, known as Mjolnir, provides the Asgardian God with amazing abilities. Throughout the Norse God's now fifty year run with Marvel, the hammer has given Thor Odinson and now Jane Foster the strength and fury to pound down the enemies of Asgard and Earth alike. Mjolnir also has always been a rather picky hammer, choosing to empower only those individuals it deems worthy with the strength of the cosmos and flight. As recently revealed in The Mighty Thor #11, Thor’s hammer can also manifest itself, an ability it used to aid current chosen one Jane Foster to heal and evade capture.

Apparently, Mjolnir isn’t quite what followers of the Marvel Universe, and even Thor herself, understand it to be. The latest chapter in Jane Foster's saga sheds new light on the famous hammer, though.

The Might Thor #12 takes fans on a journey, revealing where the legendary mallet came from, as well as why it's so darn selective. Written by Jason Aaron (Doctor Strange) and drawn by Russell Dauterman (Cyclops), “The Untold Origin of Mjolnir” literally pulls Jane Foster’s Thor on an ancient and breathtakingly-rendered cosmic journey to the universal knowledge store known as the Halls of the All-Knowing in Omnipotence City – The Nexus of the Gods. Once inside, the Lord High Librarian tells the 'true story' of Thor’s hammer. Take a look at some of the preview art from The Mighty Thor #12:

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As many fans are likely aware, the nigh-invulnerable hammer was crafted from the ancient and rare metal uru. In the latest variation on its origin tale, Mjolnir began life as a hunk of metal gifted to Odin after he aided the Dwarves in defeating their rock troll adversaries. Later, when a sentient storm (from the dawn of time) known as a God Tempest, assails the gods, Odin traps the storm in that chunk of uru – asking the dwarves to craft a weapon from it. After a brutal time. they present the All-Father with Mjolnir, but the hammer-sealed storm of judgement proves too unpredictable for use – until, of course, it selects Thor as its first bearer.

Mjolnir has had several different backgrounds throughout the course of its Marvel existence. Its initial origin tells the tale of Loki’s challenge between two dwarven blacksmiths to create superior wares and weapons. The most recent backstory (also used in the MCU's version of Thor) claimed that the lump hammer was forged in the heart of a sun – nearly destroying the sun and the Earth in the process. Marvel's updated history not only gives the weapon its wildest start thus far, but provides a reason as to why the hammer is sentient, as well as offering a hint as to why it's so very picky about its wielder.

Mjolnir, it seems, isn't just choosy, but a little headstrong too. The ancient mallet itself may be guiding Thor’s quest, for better or worse, towards a major battle in the Nine Realms, between Asgard and the Shi'ar. With Thor Odinson’s Unworthy Thor series on the horizon, the motives of a hammer could actually propel Jane towards the brink of a "war of the realms,' one which will have ramifications throughout the cosmos. It will be interesting to see what develops in the pages of The Mighty Thor as the League of Realms assembles.

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The Mighty Thor #12 is currently available in print and online.

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