Marvel Comics Launching Star Wars: Classified Series in December

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The end of Marvel’s Darth Vader series is bittersweet for many devotees of the far-away galaxy. The comic book epic, from renowned writer/creator Kieron Gillen, unearthed new aspects of the Sith Lord, introduced fascinating new characters, and followed up his failure to destroy the rebellion before they took out the Death Star. Gillen’s compelling story and take on the villain, as well as the amazing artwork from Salvadore Larroca, made the series a gorgeous and engaging read.

Fortunately, for fans of Gillen's work on Darth Vader, it looks like he's far from finished with the Star Wars Universe.

Newsarama reports that Marvel unveiled a new, ongoing series from Gillen and Kev Walker (Uncanny Inhumans). The latest saga goes by Star Wars: Classified, at least for the moment. Marvel’s Previews catalog solicitation (see below) lists two issues already – along with a number of variant titles from artists like Dave Dorman, Jamie McKelvie, Elsa Charretier, Rod Reis, Salvadore Larroca, John Tyler Christopher, Annie Wu, and Declan Shalvey. At present, Classified has an unspecified release date in December. In addition, Gillen confirmed his work on the book via Tumblr, saying:

“UNANNOUNCED MARVEL THING - Two issues written. Inks arriving for the first issue, which are an utter delight. I think people will love it. It’s an ongoing.”

Marvel Comics Launching Star Wars: Classified Series in December

At present, the House of Ideas currently has two ongoing Star Wars titles, including its main run and Star Wars: Poe Dameron – in addition to the soon-to-finish Darth Vader saga. Marvel hasn’t announced a premise as of yet, nor have they clarified whether Classified is the official designation or merely a temporary name.

Without much information to go on, it’s difficult to speculate where Gillen and Walker are headed in the Star Wars realm. However, since comic book companies often lace their prereleases with cryptic clues, the placeholder could tease the content, assuming Star Wars: Classified isn't the new comic's name. Seeing as the upcoming Anthology film deals with a top secret mission, it's possible the new series is a tie-in to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Marvel could also be disguising the true nature of the book because it reveals key plot points or names from the movie.

As tempting as it is to connect the latest story to the secret mission of Jyn Erso and crew, it could be entirely unrelated to Rogue One. The title could also change at any point, revealing a continuation of the Darth Vader comic, perhaps a side-story with Doctor Aphra, or something far different. With a Yoda story arc coming up in their main Star Wars line, its possible fans could get more connective tissue to the Jedi master or the pre-Prequel Trilogy era. With Gillen involved, though, Classified is almost guaranteed to be exciting, whatever story it winds up telling.

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Star Wars: Classified (title may change) arrives in December of 2016.

Source: Newsarama, Kieron Gillen

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