Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe and Gets a Trailer

Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe: The Trailer

In the Marvel Universe, few names are as revered and feared by evildoers as Squirrel Girl. The bushy-tailed heroine has already taken on some of the MU’s biggest nemeses, including Thanos and Doctor Doom, and not only lived to tell the tale, but won (extenuating circumstances from time to time aside). Once a part of the Great Lakes Avengers, she’s moved up the ranks, signing on with the Avengers and now the U.S. Avengers.

As Squirrel Girl gets ready to take on the world as part of the New Warriors comedic series in development by Disney and ABC, the heroine who’s part girl and part squirrel is still going strong on the four-colored front.

Her latest adventure, drawn by current series artist Erica Henderson and written by Ryan North has just arrived. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe! is an original 120 page graphic novel, featuring the squirrel-empowered woman. In her (literally) biggest and latest epic, it seems that the unbeatable one will face her toughest opponent (and really, everyone’s toughest opponent) – herself. Take a gander at the preview and synopsis below:

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Behold: a story so HUGE it demanded a graphic novel! A story so NUTS that it incorporates BOTH senses of that word (insanity AND the weird hard fruit thingies) (they’re fruits, did you know that?) (I didn’t until I looked them up just now, so looks like we’re all learning science from this solicit text for a comic book!)

Squirrel Girl has defeated Thanos, Galactus, and Doctor Doom. TWICE. But in this all-new graphic novel, she’ll encounter her most dangerous, most powerful, most unbeatable enemy yet: HERSELF. Specifically, an evil duplicate made possible through mad science (both computer and regular) as well as some Bad Decisions. In other words, SQUIRREL GIRL BEATS UP THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!

During this time of clone conspiracies and over-hyped Civil War sequels, books like Unbeatable Squirrel Girl prove that Marvel's sense of humor is alive and well. Her team up with Deadpool in the last issue of Deadpool: Too Soon was also a triumph of the immodest wills. With general audiences possibly on the verge of discovering the postmodern joys (and just regular old joys) of SG, it's truly about time she took on the whole Marvel Universe – and gets her own long-form sequential tail -- er, tale -- as well. Of course, her double's assault on the heroes and villains of the multiverse means plenty of action and excitement; there may simply be a few more tongues inserted in walnut-stuffed cheeks in SG's world.

Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe: The Trailer

Of course, the cynical-minded may wonder, is 120 pages too much of North and Henderson's clever modern update on superhero comics? Admittedly, like her cohorts in the equally-delightful Great Lakes Avengers, who just received their own ongoing series, Squirrel Girl’s offbeat brand of humor isn't everyone's cup of joe. But for readers whose wit strays towards the irreverent side or those in need of some downtime from superhero business as usual, Squirrel Girl may punch you right in the funny bone.

The only question here is, with SG taking on the whole MU, who’ll be left for her to assail, the DC Universe? Now that would be fun.

Next: Marvel's Great Lakes Avengers Are BACK.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe! is currently available in print and online.

Source: Marvel

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