Marvel Comics Makes Fun of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Marvel Makes Fun of Batman V Superman

[Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man/Deadpool #6]


In the world of fandom, it doesn’t get much more heated than the rivalry between Marvel mavens and DC devotees. Flame wars can erupt at any time over any subject, but usually due to arguments about which superheroes are superior, which company is more adult oriented, or which movie franchise is more effective. Overall, the competition between fans has a dual-edged effect: While exchanges between superfans can turn off casual fans and escalate into ugliness rapidly, the competitive spirit also encourages the comic giants to push the envelope.

Typically, fan rivalries account for the bulk of Marvel vs. DC chatter in social media and the real world. However, the two competitive companies aren’t averse to throwing a few friendly jabs at one another either.

In the recent Spider-Man/Deadpool #6, the comic's regular writers Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness took a moment off to allow writers Scott Aukerman and Reilly Brown another crack at the caustic super-comrades (via Bleeding Cool). Aukerman is typically known for hosting Comedy Bang! Bang! Recently, the comedian – who’s worked with Zack Galafanakis and on episodes of Mr. Show – has made a minor foray into the comics world, writing on Deadpool and Secret Wars Journal Vol. 1 3. Brown has recently drawn Deadpool, Cable & Deadpool, as well as inking for DC and Dark Horse in the past. Take a look at one of the hilarious panels from Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 below:

Marvel Comics Makes Fun of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

In the issue, the duo take on Marvel’s minor schism with its X-Men property, as a dejected Wolverine and Storm feel the cold shoulder from Daredevil and Captain America. The issue also has Spidey and the Merc with a Mouth leaving a showing of “Nighthawk V. Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom” (Nighthawk and Hyperion being analogues for Batman and Superman, respectively). The mouthy duo takes shots at Batman V Superman’s overstuffed and confusing nature.

Far from a stab at DC alone, the issue actually takes aim at superhero films in general, smashing the fourth wall in classic Deadpool/Spidey fashion. The tale unravels after a new baddie, the Salmon Stuntman, tips Wade Wilson off about being the subject of his own Hollywood film. Seeking the help of his “sellout” Web-head cohort, he heads to tinsel town to straighten things out. Along the way, they discover the Salmon Stuntman’s scheme to replace the film’s practical effects with digital ones.

Marvel Comics Makes Fun of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

As often happens in the ultra-serious world of Deadpool, the villain winds up being the star of the Deadpool film, Donald Dryans (almost a Ryan Reynolds’ anagram). He’s attempting to get Wilson detained so the wacky Merc doesn’t wreck his first major “serious” role. After the nefarious thesp is arrested, Spider-Man suggests a replacement star for the biopic: Ryan Reynolds, naturally. The commotion over the Deadpool flick, though, causes the producers to scrap the film in favor of Nighthawk V. Hyperion – causing Deadpool’s lament over missing his big break into merchandising. Spider-Man, ever the optimist, knows he’ll get another chance, because Hollywood is always rebooting things (*wink*), as his eyes suddenly transform into his Captain America: Civil War look.

In the end, the comic is a fantastic satire of Hollywood’s bastardization of comic book media. Although the book takes jabs at Disney/Marvel, FOX, Sony, and Warner Bros./DC, the Batman V Superman jape is well-timed to coincide with the release of the convoluted movie’s Ultimate Edition (which may actually clear things up). Hopefully, rather than inciting a flame war, the wacky wall-crawler and his mouthy companion will evoke more than a handful of guffaws from comic readers on both sides of the fence. After all, what’s better than an inside joke that every superfan can appreciate on some level.

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Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 is currently available in stores and on the web.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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