Marvel Confirms [SPOILER] is Smarter Than Mr. Fantastic

Warning: SPOILERS for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47

The Marvel Universe may be filled with geniuses, but they just proved which one is at the top of the list, and it might surprise you. Lunella Lafayette AKA the superheroine Moon Girl takes on Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four himself. And after several intelligence tests and competitions... she's proven to be smarter than him, once and for all.

For the record, Moon Girl was simply trying to mind her own business and do some experiments, when her secret lab is crashed by the entire Fantastic Four. Reed discovers the severed head of a DoomBot in her headquarters and, understandably, starts to lecture her about how dangerous such an object could be. But as they do when two geniuses butt heads, things get competitive--Lunella challenging Reed to settle who truly knows best between them... once and for all.

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Reed has never been known to back down from a challenge (or face an embarrassing failure) and this time it is no different. He accepts, and is instantly shown sweating bullets as he tries to figure out the 'Banner B.O.X.' or 'Brain Omnicompetence Examiner.' The B.O.X. was designed by Hulk's brilliant half, Bruce Banner to measure the world's super-intellects. Reed can't seem to figure it out... after Lunella took less than a minute to complete it.

Moon Girl smarter than Reed Richards

After finally giving up on the B.O.X. (which he claims is impossible and doesn't trust Banner to create anyways) the two embark upon several other competitions, all of which show Moon Girl coming out on top. Throughout these contests, Lunella admits to herself that Reed is the smartest she has ever seen, with a mind second only to her own. Add in a healthy dose of respect as well, as Lunella knows Mr. Fantastic is making the world a better place--something she hopes to do more of in the future.

When their games are interrupted by the aforementioned DoomBot (who rebuilt himself from spare pieces in Lunella's lab), they realize that two heads are better than one. Reed all but admits that Lunella is the smarter of the two when the dust settles, asking her to please explain how she figured out the riddles of the Banner B.O.X.. Lunella's advice that Reed Richards's greatest weakness is that he thinks too much brings her comic series to a close. But don't worry, fans can still follow their adventures once the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur TV series launches in 2020. Find the full credits and plot synopsis of their farewell issue below:

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47
  • Written by: Brandon Montclare
  • Art by: Alitha Martinez
  • Cover by: Rahzzah
  • AT LAST! Reed Richards FINALLY meets his match! The long-anticipated ULTIMATE battle of the biggest brains in the Marvel U comes to a close!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #47 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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