Marvel NOW! to Relaunch Marvel Comics Universe; X-Men & Avengers to Merge


Avengers (December)

Avengers Marvel NOW!

Jonathan Hickman made Fantastic Four relevant again, and brought a unique storytelling style to the superhero blueprint. So far, he's not talking much about his new Avengers, only to say that:

  • The book will be bi-monthly.
  • It will feature both popular and lesser-known characters.
  • Shang-Chi, the master of Kung Fu, may be one character.
  • Hickman has much love for the cosmic storylines like the Kree/Skrull War or Avengers Forever (my fav).

The writer also plans to keep the roster very full:

“It’s not six Avengers, it’s 18 or more... “The obvious solution is for the heroes to become something bigger and larger, a more appropriate response to an ever more dangerous time.”

With the Avengers film being such a big success, it's curious to hear that the new Avengers volume could veer so far away from the original roster. Then again, longtime readers remember what Brian Michael Bendis did with New Avengers in the mid-2000s; he essentially introduced an assortment of superheroes that had never really been paired - some popular (Wolverine, Spider-Man), some lesser-known (Luke Cage, Spider-Woman): the results were pretty spectacular. Hopefully Hickman's experiment yields similar results.


Marvel NOW!: Implications for Marvel Movies

Avengers 2 Marvel Movies Discussion

As Disney/Marvel continue to expand their superhero brand, it's apparent that they are literally expanding their superhero brand, by finding a way to shuffle characters so that certain ones get more exposure (See: Rocket Raccoon). The name of the game for both Disney/Marvel and DCE/Warner Bros. has been how to maximize the profitability of these superhero universes - meaning capitalizing on more than just the big two or three most popular characters. Because Rocket Raccoon plush toys would definitely sell with the juice box crowd...

As for what this NOW! relaunch means, as far as Marvel Movies go: Aside from the Rocket Raccoon example, I wouldn't put too much stock in seeing an Avengers/X-Men movie. Unless Fox and Disney/Marvel have some back room deal none of us know about, it won't be happening anytime soon while each respective studio is making money off their own franchise. The Avengers is setting box office records, and Fox got enough out of X-Men: First Class to start work on a sequel. So again, an onscreen merger is unlikely at this point.

Still, for longtime comic book fans this is big, crazy, exciting news - let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.


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Source: EW

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