Marvel Comics Wants You to Vote Loki for President

With the U.S. presidential primaries ramping up, there has been a fair amount of news about which candidate various public figures have endorsed. Usually corporations do not wade into the political waters by explicitly endorsing a candidate, but Marvel has done just that by putting its weight behind the campaign to elect a genuine supervillain.

No, that candidate is not Donald Trump, although Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter did donate $1 million to Trump's recent fundraiser for veterans. Rather, Marvel's push is for an even more notorious mischief maker: Thor's adopted brother and longtime nemesis, Loki.

Marvel has announced a new series in which the God of Mischief runs for President of the United States, and is encouraging fans to join in the campaign by using the hashtag #Loki2016 on social media. The official press release is below:

MARVEL COMICS WANTS YOU TO “VOTE LOKI” THIS JUNEAll-new series places a different candidate on the ballot this presidential election seasonVOTE LOKI2016BELIEVE!

Participate in the Marvel Universe caucus and let your voice be heard.#Loki2016

Vote Loki

Loki has also played a large role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course, having appeared in both of Thor's solo movies as well as having been the primary villain in the first Avengers film. He is played by actor Tom Hiddleston, who himself is disqualified for running for president since he is a native of England. That would also seem to disqualify Loki, a native of Asgard, but presumably he uses some sort of trickery in order to clear that particular hurdle.

Marvel has revealed two covers for the series, the main cover being a spoof on typical campaign posters and the variant being an image of Loki standing at a lectern in front a blood-soaked American flag as a sunglasses-wearing Angela and a visibly chagrined Captain America look on. No additional specifics have been given about the series, such as how many issues it will span, who Loki picks as his running mate, or how he plans to win back New Yorkers after the damage he did to their city during the events of The Avengers.

Having Loki run for president is a prime opportunity for Marvel to offer some sly political satire under the guise of a superhero comic. Whether or not they live up to the task remains to be seen. No doubt readers will be drawing their own comparisons between the prankster god and various other candidates, past and present, but the real question is whether he would be any better or worse than the real-world candidates who are still in the race. Leave your own vote in the comments section.

Source: Marvel Comics

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