Marvel Releasing New Inhumans Series In Time For TV Series

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The future is looking bright for the Inhumans as of late. With a new TV show on the horizon (one replacing a movie stuck in development hell), it seems like their stock is on the rise at Marvel. Even though the massive clan is about to go to war with the X-Men in the pages of Inhumans vs. X-Men this December, the war's eventual conclusion will lead to a ResurreXion for both teams next spring. And as any comic fan knowns, a fresh start for both teams means different angles on classic characters, as well as brand new team-ups.

Marvel recently broke the news that the Inhumans' leader Black Bolt would receive his own ongoing series, which finds him locked up in an alien jail. But the silent king won't be the only member of the Royal Family receiving some new legs in the Marvel Universe.

According to the House of Ideas, two ongoing series will document the adventures of New Attilan's residents next spring. In the first title, Royals #1, the Inhumans elder statespersons will leave their new home planet behind. Placing their earthly home in the hands of the latest generation, they'll travel to their home planet of Kree, to investigate the very origins of their existence, the Terrigenesis. While most of the Inhumans' bigwigs are headed to the stars, another of Marvel’s ResurreXion offerings will stay a little closer to home.

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Secret Warriors #1, written by Matthew Rosenberg (Kingpin) with art from Javier Garron (Star-Lord), will bring together some of the extended family's most powerful forces. Original Secret Warrior Daisy Johnson (Quake) will lead a team consisting of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Inferno, and Karnak - with additional surprise guest stars and even non-Inhuman teammates to be announced in future. No news as to whether Nick Fury (Jr. or Sr.), who created the team initially, will drop by though. The latest covert squad is comprised of a combustible cast of characters and should be a lot of fun to watch in action. Marvel Editor Wil Moss explored what Inhumans fans, as well as those new to Terrigen-born squad can expect from the latest series:

“For anybody who is even slightly curious about the Inhumans, or for anybody who might be looking to check back in with them, these launches are for you. Exciting new directions, crazy talented creative teams, and a different vibe for each of these three books. Royals is epic and intimate all at once, opening up all-new corners of the Marvel Universe on a monthly basis. Secret Warriors is gonna be a real crowd-pleaser, a true roller coaster of a story with a cast of all your favorites (plus a few surprise team-members). Black Bolt is the line’s secret weapon, an intense exploration of the unknowable King of the Inhumans, with visuals like you’ve never seen – believe me.”

Marvel Inhumans Royals 1 Cover Paul McCaffrey

With a TV show in development and the hopes of pulling the X-Men back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe fading once again, the House of Ideas is definitely looking at the Inhumans to kick things up a notch, at least in the television and comic book realms. Once seen as potential replacements for mutant kind, at least in the MCU, the Inhumans never quite gained the popularity of the X-teams. But their star is on the rise, thanks to season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and their own forthcoming small-screen saga. Launching several new ongoing comics should increase their visibility and capture the interest of new fans.

Of course, X-fans who expected the mutant squad to fade into obscurity, especially after the Death of X and IvX sagas, can breathe a relief-filled sigh. With at least six new X-books and three or more Inhumans' ongoings hitting comic shops next spring, it appears that mutants and Inhumans will live in relative harmony in the Marvel Universe.

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Black Bolt #1, Royals #1, and Secret Warriors #1 are all scheduled for release in spring of 2017.

Source: Marvel

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