Doctor Doom Becomes Marvel's Infamous Iron Man

Wolverine & Iron Man

Marvel’s post-Secret Wars reboot, All New All Different set their comic book world up for some drastic changes. In preparation for and the aftermath of Civil War II, the comics giant is ripping apart their universe and altering many of their fans' favorite characters in a big way. The X-Men will battle the Inhumans; Amadeus Cho became the Totally Awesome Hulk; X-23 took over for the now-deceased (aside from Old Man Logan) Wolverine, and they brought in Sam Wilson as Captain America, among other shake-ups. One of the biggest (aside from Steve Rogers), was the announcement that Iron Man would no longer be Tony Stark, at least for a little while.

Recently, the mantle of Iron Man was passed to a woman, that of genius student (and brand new character) Riri Williams in the Invincible Iron Man. More shocking, though, is the revelation of a second Iron Man – none other than frequent Marvel nemesis Victor Von Doom.

Marvel stated today (thanks to CBR) that a new Tin Man series, entitled Infamous Iron Man (which replaces International Iron Man), will run concurrently with their new Invincible title. In it, arch villain Victor Von Doom, supposedly reformed, will take on the Iron mantle. Written by Civil War II scribe Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev, the new series – teased in the Divided We Stand fall promo, where Von Doom holds the Golden Avenger’s helmet – will see the one-time adversary attempt to right the wrongs (or wrong the rights?) of the Marvel universe. The synopsis reads as follows:

There is a new Iron Man in town and his name is VICTOR VON DOOM. The greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom's Master Plan?”

Doctor Doom Becomes Marvel's Infamous Iron Man

As per usual, the blurb leads to more questions than answers. Why is Von Doom reforming or at least trying on the Iron pants? More so, how exactly did Tony Stark fail? Most of all, what happens to Tony Stark during Civil War II to free up the suit for two different characters to try it on? Stark was a noticeable void in the Divide teaser. Since there are only five issues remaining in the latest event, and Civil War #3 (due out July 13) already has a heavily advertised character death hanging over it, Stark's absence is worrisome. Will he be the latest casualty of the most recent superhero schism, or will another death in the family cause him to hang up the armor once more?

Of course, depending upon what happens to Mr. Stark, having two characters suit-up as Iron Man sounds a little bit confusing. Will Marvel interconnect the two shellheads, or will they operate as separate entities in lieu of Tony Stark? Certainly, the House of Ideas isn’t averse to running simultaneous titles – such as Captain America: Sam Wilson and Captain America: Steve Rogers or Peter Parker’s Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. Running two Iron Man titles certainly doesn’t buck that trend.

At the same time, it’s difficult to believe Victor Von Doom isn’t plotting some nefarious scheme. Is it possible the dubious Von Doom has actually reformed – a la Lex Luthor in Rebirth? Only time and the pages of Marvel’s Infamous Iron Man will reveal the truth behind the fate of Tony Stark and the reason for the Golden Avenger’s new innards.

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Infamous Iron Man #1 launches this fall. We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest Marvel Comics news.

Source: Marvel, CBR

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