The Origin of Marvel's Earth is Absolutely Disgusting

The version of Earth in Marvel's Universe is home to superhumans and cosmic heroes - but the planet's actual origin is absolutely disgusting.

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers #26

The Marvel Universe is home to comic book superheroes like The Avengers, the X-Men, the Inhumans, and countless other superpowered beings. But the entire reason for life on planet Earth, and the potential for humanity to become superpowered... is one of the most vile and disgusting secrets in Marvel history.

We should clarify that it was one of the most stomach-turning secrets, since the truth has now been revealed to both Marvel Comics readers and the heroes themselves. It's all part of the story spun by writer Jason Aaron in the pages of Marvel's latest Avengers series. While giving fans modern adventures, Aaron has also revealed the true 'start' of the story, with the Avengers of One Million Years B.C., and how they killed a Celestial -- one of Marvel's most ancient and powerful beings. In the process, revealing how one Celestial created Earth as we know it completely by accident. Again, a warning that the squeamish may not want to continue...

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The truth came in Avengers #5, when Loki broke the entire story to Captain America. The first Celestial to ever set foot on the Earth arrived more than four billions years in the past, when the planet was still, as Loki puts it, "an insignificant, utterly lifeless speck of molten mud." And as much as superhero fans or Earthlings (or Avengers) might want to believe it was part of some greater cosmic plan, the truth is the planet chosen was completely meaningless to the Celestial's plan. Which is where the story takes its disgusting turn...

It came merely because it fell. It fell... because it was dying. Turns out even an omnipotent space god gets sick now and again. And this one had just come down with quite the nasty infection... The first of its kind to ever become diseased. Patient Zero. It fell through space for many years before it landed. Landed in the muck of Earth. Where it vomited and bled and wept radioactive tears. And then slumped over and died. That sickness seeped into the Earth, percolating through the shifting seas of primordial rock and lava. Along with the blood and rotting flesh of a nigh omnipotent Alpha Celestial... The Progenitor. The origin of the world as you know it. The god who died so that you might live.

Clearly Loki doesn't mince words, going one step forward to claim that the twisted creatures which emerged from the slime and ichor from the Celestial's corpse and orifices are what led directly to the creation of Captain America, and the other heroes made 'super' through strange, pseudo-scientific means.

Celestial Dying Origin of Marvel Earth

Now in the pages of the latest Avengers #26, this origin is confirmed by the first Starbrand... well, the first human Starbrand, now that Marvel has revealed Earth's first superhero was a dinosaur. The shift in perspective and confirmation leaves no doubt as to the veracity of Loki's account. Still, seeing The Progenitor once again dying on its knees, spewing forth its being from every orifice is the kind of origin story fans will never forget. But look on the bright side: while Marvel's Earth may technically be "a festering breeding ground for unchecked cosmic cancer"... it gave us superheroes!

For those with the stomach to appreciate the significance of this new origin story, we can't recommend the issue highly enough. Readers can find the official plot synopsis and credits for the issue below:

  • AVENGERS #26
  • Written by: Jason Aaron
  • Art by: Dale Keown
  • Cover Art by: Dale Keown
  • A PREHISTORIC SAVAGE... WITH THE POWER OF THE STARS! Legendary artist Dale Keown (The Incredible Hulk) is here to unleash the secret, savage origin of the biggest, nastiest, most cosmically-powered caveman who ever lived: the original Starbrand, one of the mighty Avengers of One Million B.C.

Avengers #26 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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