Marvel Comics: 15 Creepy Pieces Of Fan Art You Can’t Unsee


With popular comics and graphic novels, you always have those fans who possess their own artistic abilities and want to pay homage to their favorite characters, and what better way to show off their work than on the Internet. Pinterest, Tumblr and others are just chockablock of aspiring artists who are eager to show off their skills and perhaps join the teams at Marvel or DC or create their own pieces of work.

Some artists meticulously copy what the characters look like, while others take a more stylish approach and draw an interpretation of the character. Renderings can be cartoonish; they can be sexy and romantic (especially if it's also involving erotic fan fiction); and they can be gorgeous and ornate.

Then there are those fan art images that are downright creepy. These artists clearly have a lot of time on their hands to be able to imagine these comic-book favorites in such horrific, weird, or just plain gross ways. Symbiotes from the Spider-Man canon are particularly easy fodder to create truly nightmarish images because, well, those teeth. But some artists do come up with some pretty inventive ways to make even Captain America and Black Widow look scary.

Here are 15 disturbing pieces of fan art of Marvel Comics characters, some of which you may have trouble looking at for any length of time.

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Let's start off with something straight from a nightmare, shall we? This image of a gelatinous and drippy Carnage (aka Cletus Kasady), one of the villainous Symbiotes who battle against Spider-Man, is hard to look at, if we're being honest. The artist Rolando Lopez really took his time, creating something incredibly detailed and adequately horrifying.

Of course, Symbiotes in the Spider-Man comics, such as Carnage and Venom, are already scary alien creatures, but fan art can definitely make them worse. Carnage is particularly evil as it/he/whoever has no real moral core whatsoever, adopting its host Kasady's psychopathic serial killer tendencies. Carnage and Venom are actually enemies in the comics, and in the upcoming big-screen Venom spinoff, starring Tom Hardy, Carnage is rumored to be the main villain. Word is still out on who's taking on the role in the film, but we're pretty sure he won't look quite as scary as this image.


Naldz Graphics collected a series of fan art in which artists turned their favorite comic-book superheroes into zombies, and let's just say that a great many of the results are pretty damn disturbing, including this image of our beloved Captain America. First of all, he's chomping down on some guy's head, and while we only see just a bit of blood, it looks gruesome, especially if you look at the victim's pained expression.

But the worst part is those big-ass teeth; they are terrifying, as if Cap is some sort of buck-toothed hillbilly turned into a flesh eater, with his mask covering what looks like a skeleton head. The whole image just flies in the face of who Captain America is, the stalwart leader we've come to know and love. Still, you have to give the artist props for being creative, even if it's too creepy for our eyeballs.



Okay, we want to show you one more from this zombie collection. This is Wolverine, and boy, as a zombie, he's really been put through the ringer. Yuck. He's just so... gooey in this image. It's like the top half of him is disintegrating into nuclear waste, while his iron claws and lower half seem to remain intact. Look at his legs! They are still pretty muscular, which we would imagine would come in handy if you're a zombie trying to chase down your next meal.

Thing is, what are the chances Wolverine could ever become a zombie? We know he can eventually die (see: Logan *sob*), but one might think his power to heal would prevent him from reanimating into the walking dead in some way. Or maybe not. Maybe he does rise up and with those powerful legs and iron claws, and becomes one of the deadliest zombies to ever exist. Shiver. Thank goodness, this Wolverine image is simply a figment of someone's twisted imagination.



Like the aforementioned Venom and Carnage, Ghost Rider has also always been one scary-looking dude. He's got the spiked biker outfit, the chains, and his head is a flaming skull, for crying out loud. Hellish is definitely the best way to describe the Marvel character, a stunt motorcyclist named Johnny Blaze, who sold his soul to Satan to save his father. As a result, whenever he is around evil, turns into Ghost Rider.

This piece of fan art, however, is truly nightmarish. Again, it has the drippy, acid-y look and feel to it, as if any of part of that fiery horror touches you, your skin will instantly melt off your bones. Well, okay, that is how Ghost Rider kills people, but still. Also, those skull teeth are most assuredly scarier, with very definite fangs in plain view. To top it off, he's lunging at you. No, thank you, we'll try to erase this one from our brains.



Speaking of losing one's humanity, this Hulk fan art not only startles us but also makes us sad. For one thing, Hulk as a zombie is truly terrifying. Just imagine that sheer strength and huge mass coming at you to feed. Eeek. But then to see him decimate poor Iron Man with one punch, clean through the middle of his body, is awful. Clearly, this artist has some issues with Tony Stark.

In any event, we again have to question logistics on whether Hulk could ever be a zombie. Would that also mean that Bruce Banner is a zombie? And if Bruce is one of the walking dead, does he even have any emotions – like anger – that could turn him into a zombified Hulk? Then again, we suppose if Hulk were the one infected, then he'd never go back to being Bruce, and would just stay a flesh-eating gigantic green monster and go after his fellow Avengers. Or maybe we're overthinking this.



Gross. That's basically the first thing that springs to mind when we look at this image of Deadpool being (licked?) by tentacles belonging to some creature that now has a taste of our favorite red-masked anti-hero.

The artist MortalShinobi posted this on the DeviantART website and wrote, “some deadpool fun. wanted to do something a bit more humorous with him so decided to have some tentacle fun here. hehe. do enjoy!” Humorous? We suppose we could imagine Deadpool saying something snarky as those tentacles reached out and caressed his face – that is, until he couldn't stand it any longer and jumped into action. But still, there's really nothing funny about this disturbing image, and we certainly do NOT want to see what those tentacles are attached to. Probably from something Stephen King would make up (i.e. The Mist).


Is this image scary or disturbing? Not necessarily, but it sure as hell is affecting. In a series of images, DeviantART-ist the DURRRRIAN (we literally cannot make these names up) imagined the Avengers as warriors in a dark fantasy milieu, ala Lord of the Rings or something similar.

While they are all equally strange and creepy, the one of Black Widow is also kind of mesmerizing. It looks like she's got swords as hand appendages and is wearing sexy armor, but it's the eyes that have us unsettled. Is she a sorceress of some kind? Could she melt your face with them? Let's just say, she is way more formidable in this form then she is IRL. To be honest, we think this dark version of Black Widow fits her, if she were to be living in such a world.



Similar to the Black Widow image, this drawn image of Gamora both creeps us out and intrigues us. As we've come to know Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, she's a fierce warrior and a stalwart and loyal member of the Guardians, but we've never really seen her truly evil. Not that she couldn't be, of course. She did have a pretty messed up childhood at the hands of the psychopath Thanos, and she could have internalized that, like her sister, Nebula. But she hasn't so far.

We assume this is the artist's version of what Gamora would look like if she went to the dark side. It really captures a scary look in her eye, and that slightly bloody knife masking a creepy skull gives us shivers. Let's just hope it never comes to this for our Guardians heroine.



Ah, the Symbiote strikes again – and this time it infects Dark Phoenix in this frightening piece of fan art. In just her usual form, Dark Phoenix is pretty intimidating, still beautiful but ultimately terrifying with her immense power. The comic-book character is often depicted in a fiery environment, with flames shooting out of her eyes and her hands. She's certainly not one to mess with on just a regular day.

But as an alien symbiote, Dark Phoenix is plain old sinister. In this piece, she's called “Savage Venom Phoenix” – and that pretty much sums it up. It's those long, sharp teeth that freak us out. Can you imagine that face coming at you through a wall of fire? You can't come back from that.



TMI, Mr. Fantastic. Artist Grégoire Guillemin has re-imagined many popular superheroes doing similar everyday things -- like shaving their pits or eating sushi or even picking their nose -- in a series he calls “The Secret Lives of Super Heroes.” With this pic, we are getting a glimpse into Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic's personal life, and yeah, it's something you can't unsee. I mean, he's sort of the father figure of the Fantastic Four, so like, ew, he's having sex?

While we applaud him for practicing safe sex, the way he's holding what we are assuming is a used condom suggests he isn't quite sure how it fit. You know, because he can stretch himself into all kinds of positions. Stretch being the operative word, if you catch our drift. The being-used part is also even more skin-crawly, as he also appears to be examining its contents. WTF? You have to check out this dude Guillemin's fan art; it's pretty wild and hilarious.



This one haunts us. We know about how poor Bucky Barnes was somehow resurrected by Hyrdra after dying in WWII and turned into the Winter Soldier to wreak havoc on his bestie Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Their Manchurian Candidate manipulation and brainwashing of his mind is awful to watch, because we know how good and pure-at-heart Bucky is. He's not a killing machine, and he knows it; the torture it inflicts when they say the words that turn him into their soldier is heart-wrenching.

So, on that, this image of Hydra hands creeping up down onto Bucky's face makes us feel very uneasy. Without being overtly terrifying, the image still affects you. It's the hands covering most of Bucky's face that really gets you. And the Hydra insignia on them, with one of them still dripping as if they just created it, probably in blood. Yikes all around. Let's hope Bucky can, er, buck those trigger words in the next movie.


Vision-Scarlett Witch-Fan-Art-Marvel

On the first look at this image, you probably start laughing, right? We did, too, but if you look at it more closely, the freakier it gets. The artist is obviously poking fun at an exchange between Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and Vision (Paul Bettany) in Captain America: Civil War, in which Vision tries to lift Wanda's spirits by making her paprikash, a Hungarian dish. That scene also hints that there could be some romance between the two in future movies – if it's even possible.

The fan art takes things to the extreme, to say the least. It's not so much the size of Wanda that's bothersome, but that they both have their hands cradling her enormous stomach. That's just a tad unsettling – and also, there had to have been a crap ton of paprikash to get to that state.



This is just so weird. The longer you gaze, the weirder and more disturbing this image by Eric Wayne gets. We consider Spider-Man to be one of the most agile and graceful of the superheroes. The famed NYC-based hero is well known for climbing walls and flinging webs to swing on from building to building as he flies effortlessly through the air. He's flexible, muscular, and a lean, mean fighting machine.

The drawing of our favorite web-slinger as some sort of deformed, grotesque creature negates that whole image, for sure. Between the misshapen, Popeye-like arms, to the oddly proportioned abs, to those legs – especially the non-floppy one that looks to have been positioned in the hero's groin area for a's all really bizarre. It's meant to be ridiculous, but it really is unnerving, so we're going to have to just quit looking at it.



Honestly, we really can't stop gawking at this piece, even though we'd like to. There's so much going on. This artist re-imagines what it would look like if Gwen Stacy were to be taken over by Venom. In the comics, a Gwen clone of sorts is created and shows up after she is supposedly killed in order to be in Peter Parker's life again. She is also infected by both Venom and Carnage, those pesky symbiotes, at some point and in some form or another. Those comics are hard to keep up with, and if someone dies, they don't really die.

Anyway, back to this image. We're not sure what's more creepy: the fact Gwen is being “absorbed” by black goo while she's sleeping (or maybe dead, not sure) or that there's an awful female Venom creature sitting next to her, looking at us with its Medusa hair and tongue hanging out. We're guessing the image is somewhat sexual in nature, like Venom is really getting into turning into a woman, but it just makes us feel icky. Look away!



You didn't think we were done with Symbiotes, did you? The list would not be complete without a standalone Venom rendering, and, well, take a long look at this, if you dare. Holy hell! This is even more terrifying than our Carnage pick at the top.

We've come to expect the sharp teeth now in the Symbiote, and the snake-like tongue, but this artist goes above and beyond in both regards, especially those teeth. That's just not right. And to top it all off, it seems like this Venom has just taken a big bite of something, and is letting all the blood and bits of gore drip down its body. Even though we're sort of scarred by this, we suppose it must be loads of fun to draw something of this nature, to really get in there and show all the intimate details. Kudos for the nightmares, buddy!


Have any other bizarre pieces of fan art to share? Sound off in the comments!

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