Marvel Launching Weekly Storyline in Avengers: No Surrender

Beast As An Avenger

At the beginning of next year, Marvel will merge their three Avengers titles into one for their latest story, "Avengers: No Surrender," a weekly series that will run for three months. In a time where Marvel is returning to classic characters, the series is being described as "the final hurrah" of the current team.

In 2012, Marvel relaunched a number of their comic book titles under the branding Marvel Now! The focus of Marvel Now! was to grab the attention of new readers by changing the status quo for many of their core characters while simultaneously introducing several new ones. Following the close of Secret Empire, Marvel launched Marvel Legacy, which is intended to embrace the company's roots by returning to iconic characters.

It appears that Marvel Legacy is about to affect the Avengers in a big way. In Marvel's FOOM magazine, it was revealed that the three Avengers titles currently published by Marvel will soon merge into one for a three-month event. Beginning in Avengers #675, "Avengers: No Surrender" will be written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, and Jim Zub and will release on a weekly basis. The other titles affected by the event are Uncanny Avengers and U.S. Avengers. The two titles will end at least until the event's conclusion. It's not clear yet if the three titles will remain a single series when "Avengers: No Surrender" ends.

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The story will focus on characters from each series, particularly Vision and Wasp from the main Avengers title, as well as Beast, Wonder Man, Quicksilver, and Rogue from the pages of Uncanny Avengers. New character Voyager and longtime Avengers butler Edwin Jarvis will also have a presence in the book, alongside Living Lightning, a former member of the West Coast Avengers whose appearances in recent comics have been severely limited.

The title will see Quicksilver "in a dark place," and Beast working with Wasp while reconnecting with Wonder Man. Rogue will have something "special taken from her" and Vision will earn the attention of "dark forces."

There's no word yet on how the U.S. Avengers will be involved. As a team that was founded during Marvel Now!, the team features new characters carrying the mantles of established heroes. The group consists of Squirrel Girl, Sunspot, Cannonball, Engima, and new versions of Iron Patriot and Red Hulk. Fans will expect characters from Avengers and Uncanny Avengers to appear in the event as well, including Sam Wilson, Thor (Jane Foster), Spider-Man, Hercules, Synapse, Human Torch, Scarlet Witch, and Brother Voodoo.

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The first chapter of "Avengers: No Surrender" will arrive in Avengers #675, which will be released in January.

Source: FOOM

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