Marvel's Cosmic Heroes Unite For a New ANNIHILATION

Nova Annihilation Scourge Cover

When the Annihilation event came to Marvel Comics in 2006, it changed the landscape of the company's cosmic heroes forever. The Guardians of the Galaxy were reborn, Richard Rider's Nova became the universe's greatest hero, killing the supervillain Annihilus to end a threat never before seen. But starting in December, Annihilus is returning to Marvel Comics... running scared from a NEW threat on its way.

The publisher previously teased a return of the supervillain at SDCC, but now they've made it official: the prior event was merely precursor to the next Annihilation - Scourge. Beginning this November, the new event will be calling on some of the most beloved cosmic heroes in Marvel Comics, and now the checklist of one-shots has been revealed. Nova? Check. Silver Surfer? Check. Beta Ray Bill? Check. The list goes on and on.

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While the details are being kept quiet for now, Matthew Rosenberg and Juanan Ramirez will be kicking off the event on November 20th, with Annihilation - Scourge Alpha. Speaking with Newsarama the writer would only say that Annihilus is not the threat of the new event, and may instead be arriving for back-up in facing whatever new enemy has emerged. But first and foremost, Rosenberg wants fans of the original Annihilation to know that they'll have plenty of reasons to get on board this story early:

The original Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest are some of my favorite Marvel books of all time because they are so big in scale and yet so full of great characters and real drama. That's what we're doing here. It's huge stakes, brutal action, universe destroying threats, and some of the best heroes (and not-quite heroes) the Marvel Universe has to offer thrown headfirst at it. We're definitely paying tribute to the original Annihilation books, but I think for fans of those books they will be shocked at where this goes. And if you've never read Annihilation, stop reading this and go read it right now. Or maybe finish reading this, and then go read it. Either way, read it today.

Rosenberg also emphasizes that readers don't need to be familiar with all of the cosmic characters joining in on the fun. Which is good news, if these new December tie-in one-shots are any sign of how many heroes will be impacted by Annihilation - Scourge.  Fans won't want to miss a single one, so crack open your calendars, and feast your eyes on the artwork and solicitations details below:

Annihilation - Scourge Alpha (2019) #1

Annihilation Scourge Alpha Cover

  • Release Date: November 20, 2019
  • Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by: Juanan Ramirez
  • Cover by: Josemaria Casanovas
  • THE OPENING SALVO FOR DECEMBER’S MAIN EVENT! Something is stirring in the Negative Zone…something that the Marvel Universe isn’t ready for! Will Nova be able to assemble a team powerful enough to tackle this burgeoning threat, or is it already too late to stop its descent upon the galaxy? For the Cosmos’s greatest heroes, ANNIHILATION is only the beginning…


Annihilation Scourge Nova Cover

  • Release Date: December
  • Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by: Ibraim Roberson
  • Cover by: Josemaria Casanovas
  • Variant Cover by: Eduard Petrovich
  • The universe hangs in peril! With no room for old grudges, Nova is forced to team up with one of his most nefarious adversaries – ANNIHILUS! But can Richard Rider trust the ruler of the Negative Zone to fight alongside him – or will this turn into a war with two fronts?


Annihilation Scourge Silver Surfer Cover

  • Release Date: December
  • Written by: Dan Abnett
  • Art by: Paul Davidson
  • Cover by Josemaria Casanovas
  • Variant Cover by Ozgur Yildirim
  • The Scourge is closing in, wreaking havoc across the galaxy. The Silver Surfer has returned in time to bear witness to the Scourge’s atrocities - but his new status quo leaves him helpless to intervene! Will the Surfer be able to find a way to save the fleeing innocents around him - or will he be forced to stand by and herald in a new age of death?


Annihilation Scourge Beta Ray Bill Cover

  • Release Date: December
  • Written by: Michael Moreci
  • Art by: Alberto Alburquerque
  • Cover by: Josemaria Casanovas
  • Variant Cover by: Patch Zircher
  • The Scourge has arrived! As the local population becomes infected, will Beta Ray Bill be able to fight back the horde and save the innocents—or are they already lost? Overwhelmed, will Bill himself fall victim to the Annihilation wave?!


Annihilation Scourge Fantastic Four Cover

  • Release Date: December
  • Written by: Christos Gage
  • Art by: Diego Olortegui
  • Cover by: Josemaria Casanovas
  • Variant Cover by: Phil Noto
  • Alerted to a potential tear in the dimension, the Fantastic Four go to investigate - but what they discover is so much worse than they prepared for! Will the Fantastic Four be able to hold back the Scourge or will the Negative Zone finally succeed in tearing this family apart? Overrun, the Fantastic Four are about to learn: No one ever truly comes home from war.


  • Release Date: December
  • Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by: Manuel Garcia
  • SPOILER Cover by: Josemaria Casanovas
  • Variant Cover by: Arthur Adams
  • In the face of the Annihilation, there is no more room in the cosmos for heroes or villains – only survival.

The next wave of Annihilation - Scourge comes to Marvel's Universe this December.

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Source: Newsarama

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