Marvel Comics Promises 'A Fresh Start' This Year

Marvel Comics releases a trailer that promises "a fresh start" for its characters in 2018 with new directions, new titles, and new creative teams.

Marvel Comics is promising "a fresh start" for its characters, beginning in May of this year. A new video teases a great deal of changes for Marvel Comics, including new directions for the characters, new titles, and new creative teams. The change is expected to be the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Again.

Marvel Legacy was announced in April of last year as a major relaunch aimed at returning the focus to classic characters while also continuing to promote their newer and younger heroes. Following the conclusion of the controversial Secret Empire, Marvel began to slowly restore many of its heroes to the status quo. Marvel Legacy was a success in 2017, with Marvel Legacy #1 becoming the best-selling comic of the year. It should come as no surprise that Marvel will want to repeat that success while starting fresh again in 2018 post-controversy and with its new Editor-in-Chief (who was promoted at Marvel amidst his own controversy as well).

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Marvel released a new teaser video that promises its readers "a fresh start" in 2018. In the video, Marvel's new Editor-in-Chief, C.B. Cebulksi, says that the company hasn't had such an "over-arching, line-wide change of talent" since the 2012 relaunch, Marvel Now! Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada says that the new fresh ideas and new creators make this a perfect opportunity to jump on for both new readers and lapsed readers who have taken a break from comics.

A new poster with art from Jim Cheung previews the heroes who will be at the forefront of Marvel's upcoming stories when the new set of series kick off with new #1 issues  - namely, Avengers #1 featuring the 'big three' reuniting and Ghost Reider joining for the first time.. Taking center-stage here is Spider-Man surrounded by a golden-armed Thor, Iron Man, Bruce Banner's Hulk, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the X-Men, and the Defenders. The Fantastic Four are represented by the Thing. It's unclear what role they will play in future stories, or how long it will take to reunite the team. Noticeably absent are the Guardians of the Galaxy, whose series was recently cancelled. Also missing is Black Widow, who we know survived Secret Empire.

What fans can gather from the art is that's taken Marvel only one year to bring back so many fan-favorite characters. Captain America has his shield back, Jean Grey and Wolverine have been resurrected, Tony Stark is set to resume his role as Iron Man, and the original Hulk will appear in "Avengers: No Surrender". Though not pictured, Adam Warlock has also returned and will have an important role in the Marvel Universe going forward.

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These new creative changes will begin in May.

Wolverine and Spider-Man in Fantastic Four
Wolverine & Spider-Man Are Joining The Fantastic Four