Marvel's Women Unite To Replace Captain America

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain America #7

A new, all-female team of superheroes has emerged in the pages of Captain America. Summoned by Sharon Carter, when Steve Rogers is put behind bars... it's time for the Daughters of Liberty to defend the country in his place.

The Daughters of Liberty isn't Marvel's first attempt to create a team entirely made up of female heroes. In the guise of Valkyrie, Enchantress created the 'Lady Liberators' to defeat their male counterparts in the early 1970s. In 2013, Marvel published The Fearless Defenders, a series focusing on a team led by Valkyrie and Misty Knight. Two years later, Marvel created their first all-female Avengers team with A-Force. There's even been discussion of an all-female superhero movie in the MCU.

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In Captain America #7, Steve Rogers is faced with a terrible dilemma. General Thunderbolt Ross has been murdered by someone who wields a shield, which of course implicates Captain America (in the comics, people actually believe that kind of thing). Although Captain America has been framed by a group called the Power Elite, the issue ends with Steve deciding to turn himself in.

Sharon Carter refuses to give up on him and approaches a strange device which appears to be a teleporter of some kind. Sharon speaks the Latin phrase, "Aeternum filias" (which translates to "Daughters forever" in English) and says that they have been summoned by "The Dryad" to deal with the rise of the "ancient serpent."

Her call is answered by Spider-Woman, who suddenly appears on the teleporter. Spider-Woman is joined by six more female superheroes: Invisible Woman, Mockingbird, White Tiger, Misty Knight, Echo, and one more unidentified character. Spider-Woman refers to the team as "The Daughters of Liberty", a name associated with female patriots during the American Revolution.

This suggests that Sharon Carter, Spider-Woman, and the others are all a part of a secret alliance, which in some ways is similar to the Marvem version of the Illuminati. Sharon also hints that the group is even older than Captain America himself. Sharon's reference to the "The Dryad" opens up a whole new mystery, and "the ancient serpent" is most likely Steve's biggest enemy, Hydra.

It's possible that Sharon will use the Daughters of Liberty to help Captain America from the shadows by battling the Power Elite. It remains to be seen what will become of the Daughters of Liberty, or if the new team will have a future in the comics outside of Captain America. The idea that these women are part of an old, secret order is certainly an interesting notion that could be worth exploring in the future.

Captain America #7 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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