Thor's NEW Queen Isn't His Mother, It's [SPOILER]

Marvel Comics has just made Jane Foster Queen of Asgard in this week's War of the Realms #2. Writer Jason Aaron took over the Thor franchise back in 2012, and for the last seven years his ongoing story has been building to a head. This year's Marvel Comics event, "War of the Realms," is the climax of everything Aaron has been doing all along.

Jane Foster has been a major part of Aaron's run. Under Aaron's pen, Jane was transformed from a secondary character into a series lead when she proved herself worthy to wield Mjolnir. Jane Foster understood that the cosmos needs a Thor, and she was willing to pay a heavy price in order to meet that need; Jane had been diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately the transformation into Thor reversed any positive effects from her chemotherapy. But that didn't stop her, not least when the Mangog attacked and destroyed Immortal Asgard. She transformed into Thor one final time in order to defeat the Mangog, a victory that led to the destruction of Mjolnir, and barely survived thanks to Odin's intervention.

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Jane's chemotherapy has been successful, and there's no longer a trace of cancer in her system. As such, as War of the Realms #2 reveals, when Malekith and his forces invade Earth Jane is keen to take to the front lines. She strikes a crucial blow against the leader of the Dark Elves, striking down his War Witches and giving Doctor Strange a chance to teleport the Avengers to safety so they can regroup and launch a counter-attack. With Odin exhausted and in need of the Odinsleep, Freyja considers a desperate suicide mission in order to rescue Thor from Jotunheim. She cannot leave the Asgardian refugees without a leader - and so she names Jane Foster All-Mother of Asgard in her place.

It's testimony to the sheer scale of the "War of the Realms" event that such a momentous act happens in just two panels, and that Jane is entirely distracted watching monitors showing Malekith's forces overrunning New York. While Jane is by no means the star of this event, Aaron is ensuring she's a constant presence in the background. Given Jane is no longer suffering from cancer, it may well be that she will once again wield one of Thor's hammers and become a Goddess of Thunder; certainly Malekith appears to believe that she could prove to be a major threat to his plans, given his forces prioritized her as a target along with Odin and Freyja in War of the Realms #1.

Asgard has never been in a worse position, with the Realm Eternal ravaged by the Mangog, Heimdall blinded, and Odin bitter and broken. With Thor stranded on Jotunheim, the Asgardian refugees will need all Jane's wisdom if they're going to be of any use in the battle against Malekith.

War of the Realms #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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