Marvel's Ghost Riders Will Race To Decide The BEST

Marvel's newest Ghost Rider has come face to face with the original, Johnny Blaze - the King of Hell... and he says he wants a race.

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Warning: SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Robbie Reyes has established himself in the role of the Ghost Rider, now also the youngest member of the current Avengers team. But recently, Robbie has found himself pulled into Hell against his will, showing how much he still has to learn about playing the Spirit of Vengeance. A point made clear when he was brought face to face with the former Rider: Johnny Blaze.

As Robbie escaped, Johnny assured him they would meet again soon. And when they did, they would have a "little ride." However, it looks like another Rider will be joining in the fun, as Guardians of the Galaxy #6 has revealed to fans. Yes, not only will Robbie and Johnny race to decide the winner... but the Cosmic Ghost Rider, formerly known as Frank Castle, too. Setting up a race for the ages!

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The Guardians have been working hard to prevent Thanos from coming back, and in the process of the final battle, Cosmic Ghost Rider died (again). This sends him straight back to Hell, where he is greeted by none other than the apparent King of Hell, Johnny Blaze. Somehow, the former rider made good, earning himself the throne. Mephisto was away from his throne and Johnny, seeing it unattended, easily took it for himself. But when Johnny lays eyes on Frank, he does what any Ghost Rider would do. He challenges him to a race.

The synopsis for Avengers #22 reveals that Robbie and Johnny will be together again -- in a story arc titled "Challenge of the Ghost Riders." Robbie Reyes hasn't been loving life as a Rider, and has made it pretty obvious. Although he has truly bonded with the Avengers, he wants to rid himself of the monster inside him. Robbie thinks the best way to do this is perform an exorcism on his car, but the king of Hell, has other plans. By looking at the cover, it is obvious the Avengers are a big part of this as well -- but it isn't known how just yet.

What will happen when all the Ghost Riders are assembled? Is Robbie going to agree to race -- whoever wins, gets their way? This would certainly be a true Ghost Rider way to settle a score! Is it possible that Frank Castle will end up as Ghost Rider, not Cosmic Ghost Rider, after this is over? Or will Johnny Blaze be the one? Cheer on the sidelines for your favorite Ghost Rider when Avengers #22 hits shelves on July 31st!

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 is available from Marvel Comics and at your local comic shop.

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