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Two new characters have been added to Freeform's upcoming Marvel TV series, Cloak & Dagger. Marvel TV first expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe onto the small screen with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2013. Ever since then, they have launched numerous shows, including many on Netflix, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, over the course of the next year, they plan on expanding their lineup beyond ABC and Netflix; Hulu premieres Runaways this November, with Freeform joining the fold next year with New Warriors and Cloak & Dagger.

Cloak & Dagger was given a 10-episode season 1 order earlier this year, with filming already underway. The series is scheduled to air sometime this coming winter, though an exact premiere date hasn't yet been given. For those that are unfamiliar, Cloak & Dagger is based on the comic book series of the same name created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan in the '80s. The comics followed the characters of the same name -- Tandy Bowen, aka Dagger (played by Olivia Holt), and Tyrone Johnson, aka Cloak (played by Aubrey Joseph) -- as they develop a romantic relationship and uncover the true potential of their powers at the same time. But they aren't the only characters from their comics that will appear on-screen.

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The Hashtag Show reports that two more characters will recur on Freeform's Cloak & Dagger TV series throughout its first season. The first character is Pastor Francis Diaz, whom may actually be Father Francis Xavier Delgado from the Cloak & Dagger comics, who made his first appearance in the comic series' very first issue in 1983. Here is his character breakdown:

Pastor Diaz didn’t always intend to become a man of the cloth. Struggling with many demons, Francis Diaz joined the military looking for guidance and stability. But he found himself in religion, becoming a chaplain and pursuing advanced degrees in theology and education to try to discover his own humanity. Still without answers but armed with a position at a prestigious prep school, Pastor Diaz is now helping sculpt young minds. As a school counselor and priest, Diaz is a rock to Travis and sees a lot more in the boy that he would be comfortable admitting. Oppressed by the collar, he leads more through words than example as he still struggles daily with the chaste life he has chosen. Try as he may, Francis still finds himself slipping. He can’t escape his own deep shame. To pay penance, he forces himself to witness the life he could have had, seeing the love that got away. Pastor Diaz is constantly seeking redemption in spite of the fact that he’s not sure he deserves it. But it is in his raw humanity that we see the hand of God.

The second character will be Bailey Callahan, a female aged 30-37 - whom The Hashtag Show postulates may be Detective Brigid O'Reilly, a character who also appeared in Cloak & Dagger's first issue in 1983. Here is her casting/character breakdown:

A self-possessed woman in her 3os, Detective Bailey Callahan comes off as cold or unfriendly upon first impression. Her New York sensibilities have hardened her from being too friendly or open, setting her apart from her Louisiana counter parts. Accustomed to working in a man’s world, Callahan isn’t looking to be “one of the guys.” She isn’t going to let a room full of men dictate how often she changes the color of her fingernails (almost daily). She won’t meet expectations of women cops as ball busting bitches. The rest of the station need to find their way to her impression of the world, not the other way around. Callahan believes in justice and doesn’t thing that anyone should be above it, including other cops. Especially other cops.

In addition to the eponymous characters, Father Francis Diaz and Bailey Callahan join other supporting characters such as Melissa Bowen, Adina Johnson, and Bernard Sanjo, among others. The upcoming Freeform series may be more family-friendly than people are used to with other Marvel shows, namely those airing on Netflix, but that doesn't mean the show is any less connected to the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Cloak & Dagger premieres on Freeform in Winter 2018.

Source: The Hashtag Show

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