Marvel's Cloak & Dagger and Runaways Start Filming This Month

Cloak & Dagger and Runaways

Marvel Television is currently in the midst of filming three series for two different networks. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to produce new episodes every week for their fourth season, while both The Defenders and The Punisher continue to film in New York ahead of debuting on Netflix sometime this year. As if this and the start of production for Marvel Studios on Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War was not enough for the Marvel brand, they soon will add two more properties to their production schedule.

Last month, it was reported that both Cloak & Dagger and Runaways could begin filming in mid-February, but at the time neither show had really anyone officially attached. Since then, Cloak & Dagger found Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as their leads, and named a director for the pilotRunaways on the other hand has remained quiet, but that should change soon with another update on production for both series confirming the start date.

My Entertainment World has confirmed that both series will begin production on Monday, February 13. Cloak & Dagger will film in New Orleans, while Runaways will begin filming in Los Angeles. This report lines up with what was reported before and with Cloak & Dagger having casting news recently, it should be Runaways turn to do the same any day now.


Once Marvel begins production on both, it will undoubtedly mark the busiest time for the company in terms of projects actually being filmed. Luckily for them, this increased workload has come with more support and partners. Freeform and Hulu should both help alleviate some of the burden production wise, while Marvel focuses primarily on making sure they have solid scripts in place and talent attached that can produce a quality addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As hard as it is to believe, this does not mark the peak workload level that Marvel as a brand will experience this year. Come next month, they will also begin production on Inhumans, a first of its kind production that will bring the series to IMAX screens first and then to ABC. Once this point comes around, Marvel proper will have nine properties actively filming - unless The Defenders or The Punisher wraps before then.

Either way, this should continue to be the case for Marvel for years to come as long as they continue to produce multiple shows and films for various platforms. The busyness is not something they will complain about, but will continue to test their creative teams and those involved to maintain a certain level of quality, while also worrying about fitting within the canon of the MCU. Hopefully, Marvel will reveal more information about Cloak & Dagger and Runaways in the coming weeks, ahead of starting production, that can reveal the context of these series' within the larger universe.

Cloak & Dagger will reportedly debut on Freeform in 2018. Runaways is being developed to stream on Hulu, but is currently without a release date.

Source: My Entertainment World

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