Marvel's Civil War II: Original Hulk Bruce Banner to Return

Original Hulk Returning for Civil War II

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are waiting anxiously for the release of Captain America: Civil War this Friday in U.S. theaters. The battle will pit Avengers rankings from Iron Man and Captain America to Hawkeye and Black Widow against one another, but the film version will be missing the big green monster himself, Hulk - though he'll be back on the big screen in Thor: Ragnarok next year.

Fans of Hulk will have to wait until 2017 to see him back in the MCU again, but in the comic books he's going strong - although perhaps not in the way that you remember him. Civil War II is on its way to the Marvel Comics universe and the installment titled The Totally Awesome Hulk is set to give fans a look at what life has been like for Bruce Banner since he's no longer burdeoned by the curse of the Hulk.

Are you confused at this point? If you haven't been keeping up on your comic books then you may be. The fact is that comic storylines move fast and if you don't have a handy-dandy pull list to score your books with each month, then the writers of your favorite characters have probably blown way past everything that you held to be true and current.

Comic writer Greg Pak first introduced fans to the character of Amadeus Cho back in 2006 in the pages of Amazing Fantasy. Cho would make further appearances in the World War Hulk story arc, Heroic Age: Prince of Power and The Incredible Hercules. Cho would become the Hulk as a result of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" initiative of 2015. Cho developed nanites  that removed the Hulk from Bruce Banner's body when there was fear that the radation he had been exposed to would cause a meltdown. Cho then injected the nanites into his own body, which would transform him into the Hulk. He has been carrying the mantle in his own series, The Totally Awesome Hulk.

Marvel Comics Civil War II

The man that we all know and love as Hulk, Bruce Banner, is now set to make a return in The Totally Awesome Hulk #7 and Greg Pak has dished on the state of the character and how he's dealing with no longer being burdeoned by the Hulk (per Marvel's official website):

"We’ll reveal exactly what happens to Banner in the wake of losing his powers—with all the emotional turmoil and terrible danger that might imply. Has Amadeus given Banner the greatest gift of his life by stripping him of the Hulk—or just introduced the newest, cruelest version of his curse?

"Banner goes through multiple stages during the course of the story. I can’t get too specific for fear of spoilers, but my editors encouraged me to dig deep. This is a big, emotional Banner story, and I hope you love it as much as we do."

Pak also tells us how the story will tie-in to the highly anticipated Civil War II story arc:

"This story really serves as a critical prelude to Civil War II. We’ll dig deep into a direct, real-time tie-in starting with issue #9. Stay tuned!"

Civil War II is a highly anticipated comic book sequel series coming to Marvel Comics in June 2016. Fans can get a preview comic this Saturday at the national Free Comic Book Day event at their local comic shop. The arc will consist of two teams again battling against each other in an allegory for the real world conflicts between personal liberty and national security. The teams will be headed by Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The series, crafted by acclaimed Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, will consist of a core series and several tie-in comics from other series.

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The Totally Awesome Hulk #7 hits comic book shop shelves on June 22nd, 2016.

Source: Marvel Comics

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