12 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Superhero's Weirdest Stories

Captain America as Werewolf

After several years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reigning supreme at the box office, the heroes at the heart of the films have gained a massive new following. One major benefit the movies is that, since each character's story is only touched on at infrequently, writers are not forced to come up with stories on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a luxury that comic book writers would probably love to have had, as the never-ending need for new content has resulted in some truly bizarre stories being published.

We’re pleased to bring to you our list of the most peculiar moments that the comics brought us, involving the characters that find themselves on the brighter side of the Marvel movie character ledger. Anyone who has already appeared in any part of the MCU or is confirmed to be soon, including television properties, are up for consideration. Things are about to get even crazier than that time The Punisher became an avenging angel, so strap in and enjoy.

Here are the 12 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Superhero's Weirdest Stories.

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Loki's Head
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12 Thor and Loki’s Decapitated Head

Loki's Head

Thor and his adopted brother Loki have stood against one another for nearly the entirety of their existence. A complicated duo, to say the least. So it would be reasonable to expect that Thor might feel conflicted when he plucks Loki’s head off of his body, but what happened after that is anything but understandable.

Refraining from actually killing the god of mischief, Thor proceeds to nonchalantly carry around the talking head with him like it's not worth mentioning. An extraordinary series of events that take place in the Ragnarok comic arc, which is set to be adapted into a movie soon, it is fantastic to imagine Tom Hiddleston’s severed head traveling around.

11 Daredevil Feels Colors

Daredevil Feels Colors

The Ben Affleck version of Daredevil disappointed many of the character's devotees, but fortunately, once the rights for The Man With No Fear reverted to Marvel, he was brought to life in a Netflix series that quelled the fears of fans everywhere. A blind man who sees the world through "hyper-senses," Daredevil uses all of his hypersensitivity and extensive fighting training to defeat the criminal forces around him.

A powerful man who often uses those skills to win the day, there was no reason to add to Daredevil's repertoire, but that didn’t stop it from happening. Hornhead suddenly reveals that he can feel colors, an ability that adds almost nothing to his character. A totally baffling move for the writers, he explains that he can tell the difference based on how much heat the items in question absorb. We all know that certain colors absorb heat differently, so we guess there is a modicum of logic there, but it is dubious at best and utterly unnecessary.

10 The Punisher is Black

Punisher is Black

When The Punisher is added to the MCU during the second season of Daredevil it is very, very likely that he will continue to court controversy as he always has. A vigilante who kills criminals with zero remorse, writers haven't pulled any punches with the character, and have taken him to some pretty gruesome places. The character has been allowed to push the envelope by Marvel and the powers-that-be, but a racial switcheroo surgery is just plain weird and off-putting.

Putting aside the impossibility of a doctor possibly pulling off such a drastic surgery (even within the fantastical world of comic books) the story itself served almost no purpose. After going on the run and fighting alongside Luke Cage, Frank gained some short-lived perspective on racial dynamics before reverting to his original visage like nothing had happened. Undergoing zero long-term effects, the whole affair was swept under the carpet, never to surface again.

9 The Wasp is an Insect and Human Hybrid

The Wasp as Hybrid

During an era when art began to take on a much, much more important role in comic book storytelling, The Wasp, a founding Avenger, underwent a transformation that made her much more visually dynamic. If only her physical changes served an actual storytelling purpose. After a devastating injury which leaves her life hanging in the balance, her life is saved by her husband, Hank Pym (otherwise known as Ant-Man) through an unexplained operation.

Recovering in a cocoon, she debuts her new self mid-battle, seemingly appearing out of nowhere to blast the enemies that her teammates are fighting. Looking pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves, the new Janet van Dyne is transformed into a being that looks like she is part wasp herself. Soon afterward, she and her comrades fall at the hands of Onslaught and when she reappears all hints of the change disappear, rendering the story somewhat inconsequential.

8 Black Panther’s Short-Lived Telepathy

Black Panther Telepathy

The Black Panther is about to make his debut in Captain America: Civil War, and if history is any indicator, he is sure to become popular very quickly. The chief of Wakanda, T'Challa’s senses, speed, strength, agility, and reflexes are far superior to even the most impressive human athletes, but it may shock many to know he could once read minds.

Released way back in 1978, this three issue story took place after he was exposed to raw vibranium, which gave him the new power for no discernible reason. Even shown to have undergone tests confirming his power, there could be no questioning his new gift. After writer Jack Kirby left the series, so did his mental powers, with a terrible, illogical explanation. Having our hero explain in a throwaway line that he never had the power, but was just tapping into his natural instincts.

7 Spider-Man's Gigantic Stingers

Spider-Man With Stingers

We all know the story, when Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he transformed into Spider-Man, a superhero who through his new powers and technological know-how becomes a hero. Years later, a trio of writers got their hands on Marvel’s best-known protagonist and took him in a crazy new direction after killing and resurrecting him with new, more extreme powers.

In the midst of a fight, and while under a great deal of stress, both the web-slinger and his audience were shocked when a massive spike-like stinger came out of his wrist. Later revealed to only come out when Pete is under extreme stress, the large stinger comes out while he is fighting Morlun. Killing his adversary, his stinger has barely been seen since, despite the fact that his life is full of awe-inspiring stress. Not that we’re complaining.

6 Iron Man's Suit Loves Him

Iron Man Suit Emotion

For fans of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, it's clear that he wasn’t exactly looking for a long-term relationship before falling in love with Pepper Potts. Instead, opting to spend the bulk of his time and devotion to the armor that turned him into a hero, it is safe to say he cares more about his invention than nearly any other person. It surprised nearly everyone, however, when the feelings between the man and the machine became very, very mutual.

After being hit by lightning, the armor somehow gains sentience and falls for its creator. Stranding Stark on an isolated island, the armor goes on a killing spree in his name. In a string of events that we can only assume nobody was waiting for, Tony battles the armor in a fight that he has virtually no chance of winning. Fortunately for Tony, and for the superhero world, the suit loves Tony so much that it sacrifices itself to save its master from the peril of battle without armor.

5 Thor the Frog

Thor as Frog

An Asgardian god who has fought against creatures big and small, the image of Thor has largely remained the same for years. Except, of course, that one time he was a frog. Still adorned in the majestic get up that has become so recognizable, his body takes an amphibian turn when Loki transforms him into a little green guy with big bulging eyes.

We can only assume that writer Walt Simonson was having a lot of fun when he was scripting this tale, and he may have been shocked to know that his story would have long lasting effects. This version of Thor inspired the creation of Throg, a frog-type being that has been blessed to have a fraction of the Gof of Thunder's power at his fingertips (do frog's have fingers?), which he uses as a member of the Pet Avenger. A story that is virtually impossible to take seriously, the so-called Thunder Frog could have easily taken the top slot on our list, if there weren't such fierce competition.

4 Captain America the Wolfman

Captain America as Werewolf

Arguably the purest hero to ever grace the pages of a Marvel comic, Captain America has never been known for his sterling sense of humor. That doesn’t mean that the people who controlled his comic book destiny didn’t. As the ultimate evidence of this, we present to you the story of Steve Rogers becoming a werewolf.

Injected with a fluid that turns him into the classic horror creature, the extreme change in his body does not spread to his mind. Reduced into a monosyllabic beast, he still manages to lead several other werewolves to victory in battle before regaining his true form. Captain America has never growled orders so credibly.

3 Spider-Man's Killer Semen

Spider-Man is Radioactive

Becoming a romantic partner with a man who routinely risks his life and creates enemies like Spider-Man is a very dangerous proposition. But no one could have guessed that Mary Jane's greatest danger could have come from getting "intimate" with her partner.

A broken man who is all alone and no longer slinging webs, Parker has lost everyone he ever cared about, including his wife Mary Jane who’d tragically died of cancer. Late in the story arc, Peter can’t hold his anguish in anymore. While angrily reflecting on his wife’s illness, he reveals that the cause of her disease was radiation poisoning from exposure to every fluid in his body. After specifically stating which "fluids" served as her undoing, any remaining semblance of subtlety went right out the window.

2 The Hulk is a Sexual Predator

Hulk as Sexual Predator

The Hulk is utterly ruled over by his emotions and urges and, like every other animal on this planet, he has certain biological needs. Arguably the most powerful being on the planet, when he gets horny you’d better get out his way, especially if you’re a similarly powered cousin of his, like She-Hulk.

In one story, Bruce is taken over by his bestial nature as he travels across the country to find his cousin and “exert dominance” over her. Seeking to show his power over the only other one of his kind, this story is fraught with a sexual undertones to anyone who understands how animals prove their place in nature. This shocking event is even revisited in the Old Man Logan universe where, overcome by an additional dose of radiation, Bruce goes over the edge and becomes a supervillain and leader of the so-called Hulk Gang. This group made up mostly of his grandchildren who, it is revealed, are the result of an incestuous relationship with She-Hulk.

1 The Punisher is a Frankensteinian Monster

Frankencastle - Facts Punisher

Another story based on Frank Castle, this tale sees The Punisher come back to life after dying at the hands of Daken, the mutant son of Wolverine. Morbius takes the bits of Frank Castle's body and sews him into a being known as Franken-Castle, obviously based on the monster created by Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's famous novel.

Escaping into the sewers, he comes to terms with his new form, which gives him powers far beyond what he's ever experienced. Joining up with the Legion of Monsters, a group that is perfectly described by its name, they fight against a group seeking to kill creatures like themselves for “not being of God.” Ultimately returned to his original form, The Punisher seems to have the remarkable ability to undergo extreme bodily transformations.


Are there any other weird stories that should make it on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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