MCU Honest Trailer: A TV Series Made of Movies About Comic Books

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Screen Junkies pokes fun at the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far (sans Avengers: Endgame) with its latest Honest Trailer. It's funny to think that, once upon a time, 2008's Iron Man was regarded as a big risk for the then-fledgling Marvel Studios. Eleven years later and Jon Favreau's comic book superhero film has since given rise to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka. the massively popular shared cinematic universe that's grossed over $21 billion at the global box office across its first twenty-two installments, and changed the filmmaking industry at large.

The MCU only just concluded its Infinity Saga with April's Endgame, and will wraps up its overarching Phase 3 with next month's sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The web-slinger adventure aims to end 2019 on a strong note for the brand, following the block-busting success of both Endgame and March's Captain Marvel. Both films were not only huge hits at the box office, but also earned largely supportive reviews from critics and general audiences alike - as have the vast majority of MCU entries before them. At the same time, the MCU "formula" and its flaws are well-established by now, and continue to make the franchise a prime target for satire of the web video variety.

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Case in point: following the release of their Captain Marvel Honest Trailer last week, Screen Junkies has decided to take on the entire MCU to date for their 300th Honest Trailer overall. You can watch the video in the space below.

Altogether, the Honest Trailer does a nice job of encapsulating the more common complaints about the MCU - from the way the franchise is structured like a TV show (only with movies instead of episodes) to its over-used tropes and digital visual style that makes every MCU film "look the same", no matter where or when it takes place. It also calls out other studios' failed attempts to launch shared universes of their own using the MCU model over the last ten years, with Universal's Dark Universe being the most infamous example. But of course, the MCU has also benefitted Hollywood at large and helped to keep the industry afloat at a time when theater attendance is continuously eroding in the face of streaming services and other home entertainment options. At one point, Screen Junkies even admits that it owes much of its own recent success to the MCU.

After such a lucrative run, it'll certainly be interesting to see what happens in Phase 4 of the MCU. The studio is holding off on revealing their official plans until Far From Home hit theaters, but are known to be working on a handful of projects right now (including, a Black Widow solo movie that's already entered production). Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has also indicated that his goal is to continue upping the ante in Phase 4 and, in doing so, address some of the most frequent criticisms about the MCU - specifically, its representation issues on both sides of the camera, and its sturdy yet formulaic storytelling. He might even be doing something about that MCU movie vs. TV show issue too, via the upcoming MCU series for Disney+.

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