10 Actors We Want To See Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe (& Who They'd Play)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to enter its phase four and there are a lot of questions heading into it as fans eagerly wait to see what the landscape will look like without the likes of Iron-Man or Captain America as well as having no Thanos looming in the background.

While there is certainly an element of worry from some fans, the feeling is mainly one of excitement from the rest as they wait to find out what new characters will be joining the universe, and which actors might play those parts.

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With the MCU being such a big staple now, Marvel is able to attract some of the greatest names in Hollywood, which really does open the door to all possibilities, and within this list, we will rank 10 actors we want to join the MCU, and who they would be ideal to play.

10 Will Arnett (Ghost Rider)

Ghost Rider is a character that fans are desperate to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the future, with this character being a little less PG, which would push the boundaries of the world Disney has created a little more.

As a hero who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and do things that heroes typically might not do, Ghost Rider would be very different from other heroes currently being showcased, with a slightly darker movie being needed for him.

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Will Arnett would be a sensible choice of actor to play the role, as he has the look that suits Ghost Rider, as well as the voice, all while obviously being incredibly talented.

9 John Cena (The Thing)

While no Fantastic Four movie has been officially confirmed for a Marvel movie, it is widely expected that the popular characters will be making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe down the line, and there is a lot of expectation for when they do.

After several disappointing Fantastic Four movies, fans are desperate to see justice be done by some of the best characters in the Marvel world and casting is going to be crucial and we believe John Cena would be an excellent choice for The Thing.

Cena clearly has the build to play the role and with his wrestling background, he can physically handle himself. But he has proven himself to be more than just a physical actor so far, with brilliant comedic timing that would fit well in the Marvel universe, he would be an excellent choice.

8 Andrew Lincoln (Wolverine)

Another character that is eventually going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Wolverine, and while it is a shame that we will never see Hugh Jackman's version of the character in that world, it does open the doors for Marvel to re-cast and start fresh.

Obviously, following up Jackman's legendary performances of Wolverine is going to be a very tough task, but Andrew Lincoln, who is best known from The Walking Dead, would potentially make a great replacement.

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Lincoln has proven that he can show incredible aggression and work well as a lone-soldier as well as a leader, with Rick Grimes actually having a lot of similarities to Wolverine, and seeing him involved in a big project like this would be very exciting.

7 Kiernan Shipka (Squirrel Girl)

Kiernan Shipka is an incredibly talented actress who is quickly becoming someone to keep an eye on, having started her career on the hit show, Mad Men, as she has since gone on to more success in the lead role on The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. 

Shipka is someone who would be perfectly suited to the Marvel Universe, adding some youth to the world which worked perfectly with the introduction of Tom Holland, and adding another powerful female character is something everyone wants to see.

While Squirrel Girl might not sound like the most exciting hero in the world, she is a character that fans have wanted to see for a long time and considering that Marvel brought Ant-Man into the equation, there is no reason she can't fit in as well.

6 Caleb McLaughlin (Miles Morales)

We might have a while to wait until the next Spider-Man movie, thankfully it is going to be staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the brief issues that Disney had with the rights to the character.

When he does return, it would be good to see the popular Miles Morales be brought into the world, with the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie proving that the character can work, and also teaching a few more people about who he is.

Caleb McLaughlin would be a perfect choice to take that role, as a well-known actor now from Stranger Things, Caleb would bring a fantastic energy to the role with his humor and charisma likely bouncing off Tom Holland well.

5 Kristen Bell (Invisible Woman)

Kristen Bell in Encore

Kristen Bell might come across as incredibly sweet and kind, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't work as a superhero who can battle against some of the deadliest villains, as she proved in the television series, Heroes.

The character of Sue Storm, known as the Invisible Woman, is a big one in the Fantastic Four franchise, and it is crucial that it is cast correctly, with Bell ticking all of the physical attributes needed for the role, she also has the skills to back it up.

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Kristen Bell is an incredible actress who has the comedic timing that would suit the MCU to perfection while also being able to work in a serious role as well, which is why she is ideal for this film, adding another major female character to the world.

4 Ralph Fiennes (Norman Osborne)

Ralph Fiennes as M

When it comes to Spider-Man, the ultimate villain that everyone wants to see be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Norman Osborne, who is considered to be his greatest enemy and is actually someone Marvel could build a lot of films around.

The idea of having Norman using his wealth and power to recruit lots of different villains across a series of films, perhaps leading to another Avengers movie is one that could easily work if they got the story right.

In terms of casting Norman, Ralph Fiennes would be a great pick as someone who can be menacing and creepy, yet equally charming at the same time, having portrayed Voldermort to perfection in Harry Potter, everyone knows he can make a great bad guy.

3 Jon Hamm (Nightmare)

Another villain that people want to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Nightmare, who rules the dream dimension, causing nightmares (shocker) to civilians as they sleep which grows his own power through human fear.

You can think of him as a slightly less terrifying version of Freddy Krueger, and typically, Nightmare can be found battling against Dr. Strange, which is another reason why this character makes sense as the original movie was criticized for having a poor villain.

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Jon Ham would make an excellent choice to play the character as the idea of him and Benedict Cumberbatch going up against each other is surely going to create a great movie.

2 Zac Efron (Human Torch)

Zac Efron in The Lucky One

Another of the Fantastic Four characters now, and a perfect acting choice to portray him would be Zac Efron, bringing the incredibly popular and talented actor into the superhero world for the first time, which would be sure to attract plenty of attention.

The Human Torch is known as quite a confident, playboy style character and there is no denying that Efron could pull that role off, as he has done in several other movie appearances such as Baywatch.

Efron has become a terrific actor throughout the course of his career, being able to play up the drama and emotion as well as being fantastic at comedy, he seems to be an ideal choice for this iconic part.

1 Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)

While this might be a little bit of a cop-out, this really is the number one actor and character that fans want to see enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with Ryan Reynolds himself teasing the possibility of joining, there seem to be enough rumors that this might actually end up happening.

Obviously, if Reynolds is going to join the MCU he will do so as Deadpool, the character he has portrayed so well in two movies. Because the films have been so popular, everyone knows that it works, the only question here is how does he fit in a PG MCU?

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