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The Fantastic Four

It's no small irony that Marvel's "first family," the very comic book team that launched off the Marvel Universe as we know it, has been conspicuously absent from its cinematic equivalent. It's strange that in a world where Hulk is going to be costarring in a Thor

film, the Fantastic Four are still not allowed to join the proceedings, but the reality is that despite what a flop last year's Fantastic Four reboot was, the rights to the characters are still very much with 20th Century Fox.

Though Josh Trank's Fantastic Four was supposed to be the beginning of a brand new franchise, this dark and gritty take on one of the brightest and most wacky comic books out there resulted in widespread disappointment, and all discussions about potential sequels quietly being tabled. While there have been some rumors of Fox striking a deal with Marvel (akin to Sony's Spider-Man deal) wherein their characters could crossover, we wouldn't count on it happening — and definitely not in time for Infinity War.

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