The 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters Disney Got From Fox

When Disney acquired Fox, there were screams of joy from many people - mostly those Marvel Comics fans who realized the Marvel Cinematic Universe was one step closer to amassing their entire universe under one banner for movies and television. While there are many fans of Fox's X-Men franchise, there are others who saw it stagnate and hope to witness a rebirth as part of the MCU.

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There are also many fans of The Fantastic Four and their world of characters that still haven't seen a successful movie based on Marvel's first family, even after three attempts in the past (not including Roger Corman's version). Now that Disney's Fox deal is complete, here is a look at the 10 most powerful Marvel characters Disney got from Fox.

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10 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is easily one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe. He is also one that has already been brought to life on the big screen, albeit Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer proved rather divisive among fans.

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Now that Disney owns Fox, they own the rights to the Silver Surfer and can finally do the character of Norrin Radd justice. The tragic character was forced to work for Galactus to save his world and then ended up trapped on Earth when he chose to protect this planet from the Devourer of Worlds. Surfer has a lot of untapped potential for the MCU.

9 Professor X

There is a good chance the MCU does not see Professor X for a very long time. Acting as the mentor in the original trilogy and as the man seeking to build a better tomorrow while making some terrible decisions in the prequels, Charles Xavier is the key protagonist in most of the X-Men movies.

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With so much time devoted to Professor X, the MCU version of the X-Men that is likely to come soon might take a different angle on the team and not focus on the wheelchair-bound mastermind. However, making him part of a secret Illuminati might be a unique approach to take, allowing him to serve as a member of a group rather than the overarching leader.

8 Doctor Doom

The biggest disappointment when Disney acquired Fox came when the planned Doctor Doom movie died. This film was going to be created by the brilliant Noah Hawley (Legion) and now the project seems likely to never come to fruition. While not seeing his version of Doctor Doom is a disappointment, Doctor Doom will come sooner or later.

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The MCU could bring him in when they introduce the Fantastic Four, but it might be smarter to keep the two mortal enemies apparent until a later date, just so the clash feels fresh again. Either way, there aren't many villains in the MCU as powerful as Doom.

7 Magneto


While Professor X might be better left on the sidelines in the MCU, Magneto deserves a seat at the table. The X-Men almost rely more on Magneto than Charles anyway in the comics, as he has been a hero and villain, a leader and arch-enemy.

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There is also the chance that Magneto could become a very different character, possibly reuniting him with Scarlet Witch -- his daughter in the comic books -- or even Polaris from The Gifted, if Disney+ saves that show. If Marvel wanted to, they could retain Michael Fassbender and Evan Peters (Quicksilver) and have father and son show up in the MCU.

6 Jean Grey

Much like Professor X, Jean Grey showing up in the MCU might be overkill. It isn't that Jean has shown up too much, it is just that 2019's Dark Phoenix is set to adapt Grey's iconic storyline for the second time in less than two decades, as Fox tries to make up for the blunder known as X-Men: The Last Stand.

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That being said, MCU could bring in the X-Men to their universe with the idea that they have been around before, maybe from another Earth in the multiverse. In that case, Dark Phoenix could have already happened, and Jean could already be back and still as strong as ever -- but with the wisdom of her past experiences.

5 Annihilus

With Thanos defeated and gone, there is a question of who the next big, ultimate evil that will haunt the MCU in the background will be for their next giant phase of movies. The world of The Fantastic Four has the perfect option for that villain -- Annihilus.

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With the multiverse now a thing thanks to Spider-Man: Far From Home, the idea of a villain who also knows about the multiverse but travels through each one conquering them one by one, heading to this Earth, is intriguing. Unlike Thanos who wanted to wipe out half of existence, Annihilus would be a conquerer wanting to rule all and Disney now owns his rights.

4 Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

The fans most disappointed in X-Men: Apocalypse seemed to be let down by the way the movie portrayed Apocalypse. The oldest mutant in history is supposed to be an overpowering and almost unbeatable villain; unfortunately, the movie version lacks gravitas.

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While still powerful, there was something about Apocalypse on the big screen that fell short of his comic book counterpart, who was more Thanos than the "villain of the moment" that appeared in the movie. With X-Men in the hands of the MCU, Apocalypse could use a do-over.

3 Galactus

When Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer introduced Galactus, they took their cues from the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Instead of the giant planet eater in the purple costume, they made him nanobots, flying through outer space eating the energy of planets.

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Now, the film's creators said that they planned to introduce the classic Galactus in a future movie and the nanobots were sent by him to eat the energy, but it never happened. Galactus is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics, and he could be the best way to reintroduce the Fantastic Four, as they come from another Earth in the multiverse to warn this Earth that Galactus is coming.

2 Deadpool

There is only one Fox property that Disney is likely keeping from Marvel, and that is Deadpool. Of course, they would need to make a smart decision to keep it Rated-R, which Disney could do since they are keeping the Fox banner for many movies and have Hulu to stream them on.

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Ryan Reynolds proved that even mainstream fans love Deadpool, with both movies proving to be huge commercial successes. Deadpool is a very powerful Marvel character, almost immortal, and if Marvel brings him back with Ryan Reynolds, and even brings back Cable as well, they could have an instant hit on their hands.

1 Wolverine

Wolverine is one of Marvel's most popular, most powerful, and most problematic characters. Due to Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine for 20 years before retiring from the role for good after the brilliant Logan, Disney has its work cut-out in re-introducing the perpetually angry superhero.

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That means if Marvel brings back Wolverine, it will be the most dangerous recasting of any of the Fox Marvel characters. There is also the fact that Wolverine was in so many movies, that fans might be tired of him. The best idea may be to bring back the X-Men's other members to the MCU and then wait a while before throwing a Wolverine into the mix.

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