11 Characters Deadpool Has Killed

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This year, Fox finally had a massive hit with their X-Men franchise, and no, it wasn’t X-Men: Apocalypse. Instead, it was the R-rated Merc with a Mouth that made headlines as Deadpool broke box office records left, right and center. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, the movie did everything right, pleasing longtime fans of the character as well as newcomers to this particular corner of the Marvel universe. In fact, Deadpool was so successful that a sequel was greenlit almost as soon as the first installment hit our screens, promising fans lots more blood-soaked madness and mayhem.

Because let’s be honest here, Deadpool is a particularly bloody comic book character. Unlike many of the iconic caped crusaders who are all about catching the bad guys and locking them up, Deadpool is an assassin through and through. He has absolutely no problem with murder, and often leaves a trail of imaginatively slaughtered bodies behind him. But surprisingly, although Deadpool has killed an impressive number of people, he can usually be found slaughtering background types and other mercenaries, rather than big names. In fact, he’s more likely to have a strange friendship with famous heroes than a history of violence with them (Cable and Spider-Man in particular). Still, he has managed to rack up a few named kills over the years, and we’ve rounded up eleven of the most important for you. Which was your favorite Deadpool death? Comment and let us know!

11 Francis/Ajax

Deadpool Movie Deadpool vs Francis

New fans will recognize this name from the movie, as Ajax/Francis was the big bad of the affair – or at least, the focus of Deadpool’s violent vendetta. Francis was originally a government operative, whose mind was twisted at the hands of Dr. Killebrew, the man in charge of the failed experiments of the Weapon X project. Physically powerful and incredibly sadistic, he “helped” Killebrew with his experiments.

Wade Wilson rubbed his future nemesis the wrong way from the start, as Francis despised Wade's sense of humor. Ajax took great pleasure in torturing the wise-cracking antihero, eventually triggering his mutation and hideously scarring him for life. The two amped-up badasses squared off at several points during the film, but Deadpool eventually came out on top in the final act, putting a bullet in Francis' head while Colossus was in the middle of an impassioned speech.

10 Thomas and Hailey Wilson (and Butler)

Deadpool Kills Butler

Wade Wilson’s history is a bit more of a mystery in the comics, as Deadpool’s insanity has left him with constantly shifting memories of who he was before the Weapon X Project got their hands on him. At times he has remembered an abusive mother and an absentee father, or an abusive father killed in a bar brawl and a mother who died of cancer.

However, it was eventually revealed that Wade himself murdered his parents, Thomas and Hailey Wilson, by setting their house on fire. However, he wasn’t aware of what he was doing, as he was being manipulated by the evil Butler, who was using drugs to wipe Wade’s memory. After Deadpool found out that Butler had been using him and repeatedly kidnapping him to take tissue samples, he managed to kill Butler, preventing him for doing any more damage to Deadpool’s memories.

9 Mercedes Wilson

Mercedes Wilson Marvel Deadpool

Before the Weapon X project, Wade Wilson may not have had his healing factor, but he was still a mercenary, and dealt with a severely unstable mind. At one point, he was found in the wilderness by a couple: Wade T Wilson and his wife, Mercedes. When they found him, Deadpool said his name was Jack, and the two nursed him back to health in their quiet cabin. However, Deadpool’s grasp on reality soon weakened, and he began to fantasize about being Wade T, and having a relationship with Mercedes. In an attempt to make his fantasies reality, he tries to kill Wade, and accidentally murders Mercedes at the same time. He fled the cabin, but kept the name Wade for himself. (Or perhaps, he had it all along, and his fantasies were driven by the two men having the same name. With Deadpool’s broken mind, it’s hard to tell!)

In a plot twist, it turns out that Deadpool actually failed to kill the original Wade T, and he went on to become T-Ray, Deadpool’s nemesis. T-Ray also succeeded in bringing Mercedes back to life, and revealing this part of Deadpool’s past to him. No one ever really stays dead in comics, right?

8 Craig Hollis/Mister Immortal

Marvel Mr Immortal Gun To Head

Although Deadpool has technically “killed” Mr. Immortal more than once, it never sticks – because that’s Mr. Immortal’s power! Craig Hollis can never die permanently, instead, he resurrects a few minutes after he is killed, time and time again. He has said that he will live to the end of the universe, and that he is a new form of man: Homo Supreme.

Obviously, Deadpool being Deadpool, Mr. Immortal is just too much of a temptation to ignore, and the Merc has murdered him on multiple occasions. Some of their various fights to the “death” (a hilarious concept for two characters who are functionally immortal) have included Deadpool shooting Mr. Immortal, blowing him up, killing him with a shuriken, getting him to drink a lethal amount of alcohol, decapitating him (twice) and stabbing him in the head with a remote control. None have stuck.

7 Fabian Cortez and his Acolytes

Marvel Fabian Cortez and Acolytes

At a time when Magneto was still bent on separating human and mutant-kind, Fabian Cortez collected a group of followers called the Acolytes. Cortez and his men believed strongly in Magneto’s vision, and goaded him to battle with humanity on multiple occasions.

However, Cortez and his men died when Asteroid M was destroyed…which has nothing to do with Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth comes into the action when Cortez and two of his acolytes (Delgado and Mellencamp) were revived to seek out Magneto, who was now working with the X-Men. They attacked Loa, a young mutant who dissolves anything that she touches, which turned out to be a fatal mistake when Deadpool came to her aid. In a brilliantly bizarre moment, Deadpool kills the acolytes by throwing Loa at them – causing them to disintegrate as she flies straight through them.

6 Grace and Mary Mercy/The Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters Deadpool Cover

These two psychotic schoolgirls entered the comic book world with a killing spree, slaughtering their parents first before going on to kill anyone who annoyed them, even slightly. Eventually, their blood-soaked antics led to a price being put on their heads for killing a rock star, and we know how much Deadpool likes money!

The sisters were thrilled to go up against Deadpool at first, wanting to add a superhero kill to their tally. They attempted to crush Deadpool with a car, but he was able to heal from those wounds. Mary, who forgot to wear her seatbelt, wasn’t so lucky, and died after the crash. Grace swore revenge for the death of her sister, but Deadpool killed her too with a swift shot to the face.

5 Flag Smasher

Deadpool Kills Flagsmasher

The title of Flag Smasher has been held by several characters over the years. The original Flag Smasher, a diplomat’s son, became an anti-nationalist villain after his father was killed. He formed ULTIMATUM, a terrorist organization, but was later killed by Domino. A second Flag Smasher rose through the ranks after his death, taking on leadership of the organization before he is killed by an ULTIMATUM member named Carl.

Carl then declares himself the new Flag Smasher, and as his first act, attempts to take revenge on Deadpool for blowing up one of ULTIMATUM’s helicarriers. Big mistake. After unsuccessfully attempting to kidnap Deadpool’s daughter, the new Flag Smasher wandered into a trap set by Wade Wilson, who slaughtered the remaining ULTIMATUM members with drones before shooting Flag Smasher Carl in the face.

4 Michael Hawthorne/Necromancer (And His Undead Presidents)

Deadpool Kills Necromancer

Yes, literal undead presidents. A necromancer who first discovered his powers when he brought his dead hamster back to life, Michael Hawthorne later went off the rails. Wanting to return America to glory, he brings the great presidents of the past back to life – which doesn’t go well, when the zombie presidents want to destroy everything.

Deadpool first manages to take out all the presidential zombie ringleaders (even honest Abe!) and save Hawthorne, and then kills him. In a rare moment for Deadpool, though, this murder was actually not intended to take Hawthorne out permanently. Instead, Deadpool was intentionally sending Hawthorne to Hell, so that he could warn Mephisto (Lord of Hell) about another demon who is out to get him (and who has roped Deadpool into doing his dirty work). Michael was resurrected to help Deadpool defeat the demon, and all ends well.

3 Steve Rogers (Doctor Bong Clone)

Deadpool vs Steve Rogers Clone

One of the more ridiculous villains in the Marvel universe, Doctor Bong is a mad journalist whose knowledge of genetic engineering has allowed him to create multiple clones of real heroes. Missing his left hand, he replaced it with a metal ball which he calls a “bong” – when he strikes this against his bell-shaped helmet, he can create paralyzing concussive blasts (don’t ask us how).

Recently, he has revealed that he was a shrink for Deadpool at one point. He has also gone up against Deadpool, along with his clones of Captain America, Black Widow and Moon Knight. When this happened, Deadpool wasted no time in killing them, taking out Steve Rogers with a high-powered rifle shot to the head before cutting off Doctor Bong’s Bong.

2 Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool Cover

Despite his face and his insanity, Deadpool has had plenty of admirers over the years, including the psychotically obsessed Dr. Whitby. Deadpool discovers that the obsessed psychiatrist is even keeping his various dismembered body parts and vials of his blood in her fridge. Appalled, he tosses the various bits of himself into a dumpster, where his healing factor manages to grow them together and animate the body, creating a conscience-less version of himself: Evil Deadpool (also nicknamed Dreadpool).

After doing some particularly evil things (kid-killing among them), Evil Deadpool is tracked down by Deadpool and riddled with bullets. Usually, this would be no more than an annoyance to Deadpool, but Evil Deadpool was also hit with a dart containing a mystery serum that reverses the effects of the Weapon X experiments. Without his healing factor, Evil Deadpool dies of his wounds (although he is resurrected again in the future).

1 Everyone (Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe)

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Volume 1

Although this event doesn’t take place in the main Marvel universe (for obvious reasons), it’s still at the top of the list, because in this four-part miniseries, Deadpool kills the entire Marvel universe. After a failed attempt by Psycho Man to turn Deadpool into his mindless assassin, a new voice is heard inside Deadpool’s head. And this new voice? It wants him to kill everybody. So, he does.

As the series continues, he manages to slaughter all the biggest names in the Marvel universe, including the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Punisher, The Avengers, the New Avengers, Spider-Man, the main roster of the X-Men, Luke Cage, Iron Fist…even Howard the Duck is murdered (roasted, in fact. Delicious!). It’s a brutally bloody series that doesn’t just break the fourth wall, it crushes it to smithereens as Deadpool actually comes into the world of the comic book writers, and tells the reader that he’ll find them too…“soon enough.”


Who was the victim of your favorite Deadpool kill? What are you hoping to see in the cinematic sequel? LEt us know in the comments.

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