Marvel's New CARNAGE Becomes The Symbiote God

Carnage Faces Knull, The God of The Symbiotes

The moment of victory in which Carnage bust forth in a bigger, more powerful form is quickly set aside as the creature seems to be at war with itself. As Scorn clearly predicted such a struggle, she informs the other followers that Carnage is duking it out with the "psychic remnants of Knull's connection." That line of communication from god to creation was too much for Venom and Eddie Brock to resist, effectively overwhelming the free will of both the symbiote and the host. But Carnage missed out on that development, since he was spinning, frozen solid, through Earth's orbit. When he awakens to the call of Knull's voice, he is driven mad with pain and anger. For Cletus Kasady, that's really saying something.

We've previously gone into greater details about Knull, the Symbiote God and his dragon form recently added to the larger Venom mythology. But for those who want a quick version to help explain just how much power Carnage is competing with, we'll say only this: Knull was the first being in the void of the universe. He molded the abyss into a weapon when the first Celestials made creation. And that first symbiote, All-Black the Necrosword, began his quest to conquer the universe. A quest that eventually led to him creating the symbiotes, before he was recently awoken on Earth, defeated by Venom, and killed with only a small sample left behind.

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The small sample now injected into the mind and body of Carnage. Even for an Elder God who has just about conquered the universe, the mind of Cletus Kasady is a gauntlet. So when Scorn offers up the trace of symbiote left in her own body to make Knull whole, and victorious, Carnage decides instead to tear out her spine and suck it dry. And it obviously hits the spot.

Carnage Takes Control of Knull's Symbiote

The "snack" made of Scorn makes all the difference, with Carnage finally able to speak with its own voice. And clutching at its head, the symbiote soon returns to the classic, iconic, big-eyed face of Carnage fans all know and love. With the spiral signifying subservience to Knull gone, it appears that the telepathic remains of Knull within his symbiote dragon (or the small fragment of it used to awaken and empower Carnage) has been defeated. Whether that means Knull's presence has been killed, crushed, or simply overridden for now isn't clear.

All we really know is that Carnage is truly reborn, and with his own form now "amplified" by the raw strength and direct connection to Knull's power as God of the Symbiotes, Carnage has never been so fearsome. The only good news - if there is any when Carnage has basically been given the power of a god - is that the symbiote serial killer seems to think of nothing but Knull, the foe he murdered to come back to life. Explaining to a nearby worshipper that "I want to kill that baby again, meat. I want to talk to that god again", it sounds like Knull may finally have met an enemy crazed and unhinged enough to truly show him a challenge.

Regardless of how destructive the coming adventure may turn out to be, and which of the madmen wielding symbiotes like planet-destroying hammers ends up on top, Web of Venom: Carnage Born has delivered in its first issue. We had previously made the case that introducing Knull as the cosmic villain of a Venom movie trilogy would give the MCU a run for its money. So with Carnage bearing a stronger link to the God of the Symbiotes (by being less clouded by sanity and consciousness) in the comics, and coming with Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kasady in Venom 2, the stage is certainly set.

But considering that Sony actually needs a world to exist if they want to make their own Spider-Man movie universe... perhaps we'll wait and see what kind of damage is done by a Knull-empowered Carnage, first. Something tells us we'll have plenty of company waiting to see what the world of Venom comes up with next.

Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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