Marvel's New CARNAGE Becomes The Symbiote God

Warning: SPOILERS for Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1

Venom fans may be talking about Carnage's next movie appearance, but the comics just made the serial killer Cletus Kasady the most powerful symbiote in the galaxy - with the powers of a Symbiote God. Lord help the Marvel Universe.

The very first issue of the new Web of Venom: Carnage Born has lived up to the name, revealing the next key player in Marvel's ever-expanding Venom-verse. The symbiote hero has risen in prominence in the comic book universe recently, with new twists on the mythology revealing the symbiotes were there at the start of Marvel's Universe, and may be what finally kills it too - thanks to Loki's fusion with a Venom of his own. But before we worry about the death of everything, the rebirth of Carnage is something fans will want to see for themselves. And believe us, the new form of Carnage is bigger, badder, deadlier, and more terrifying than any before.

Carnage's Rebirth... Begins With His Death

For those comic fans familiar only with Carnage's early exploits, his latest adventure took him into the cosmos in a major way, as prisoner of the Poisons. A symbiote empire from another reality, the Poisons used a different strain of symbiotes to take over and enthrall entire universes. And even if they were capable of Venom-izing Thanos himself in the event, and leaving Wolverine's son a new kind of Venom, Carnage was the one nut they couldn't quite crack. So when the Poisons were finally defeated by Marvel's heroes, Cletus Kasady was left to tumble through space alone. Luckily, his Poison symbiote kept him preserved in the cold vacuum of space... until he came burning back down to Earth.

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After summing up Carnage's story to that point, Carnage Born #1 shows his tragic return to Earth. Eddie Brock's symbiote loves him with a passion, and the same goes for the twisted version flowing through Cletus Kasady's veins. So as his body burns in re-entry, the symbiote does what it can to keep him alive... and fails. Cletus Kasady is dead yet again, burned into a legless husk, yet still one of the most sought after corpses in Marvel's Universe. The authorities know death is never the end for Carnage, and in Born #1, a new group of holy symbiote worshippers have a new role in mind for him: their next conduit to the God of the Symbiotes.

Carnage Becomes Host To The Symbiote God

With the God of the Symbiotes believed to be dead (we'll get to explaining that storyline in a minute), a group of devout worshippers of the symbiote species and the "abyss" from which they came clearly have plans to resurrect him. Plans that are being led by Scorn, a former wearer of a hybrid symbiote, and plans which involve recovering the remains of Carnage to use for their... let's call it a 'summoning' ritual, from their perspective. And it all relies on the mark left in, and by a symbiote's host.

Recent issues of Venom have revealed that a symbiote and its host don't sever their psychic connection when parting ways, so with a sample of their god's symbiote in hand, the followers of Scorn believe that a chance to reincarnate, or at least take the first step towards reincarnating their demon is only a host away. A host that can't be killed, and bears a stronger, more volatile link to the dark abyss than any other known person to bond with a symbiote: Carnage. And wouldn't you know it, their experiment works better than expected.

Carnage is Reborn With The Symbiote of a God

With Carnage's corpse returned to life by the symbiote sample, the being that shatters its metal cage and erupts with maniacal laughter isn't the version of Carnage most fans will recognize. For starters, the red color scheme used by Kasady to distinguish himself from Venom, Spider-Man, and another other symbiote suit is gone. Instead, he looks... well, about the same as every other symbiote when it's being remotely controlled by the Symbiote God. But the massive insignia of the Dragon-God blazing across Carnage's chest confirms that Cletus Kasady isn't the only consciousness fighting to take control of his body.

As Scorn explained, the whole point of getting a sample from the Symbiote God was to give his mind a new vessel, if you will. Which means that if Cletus Kasady wants to take control of this new body, and harness the powers of the Symbiote God for Carnage, he will have to beat him on a mental level. And boy, the fight that follows is incredibly short, and finally sees Carnage truly reborn...

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