Marvel to Revive Steve Rogers for New Captain America Series

The original Captain America will regain his powers just in time for Civil War II, as Marvel announces Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

Captain America Steve Rogers 1 header

Back in October, as part of recent disastrous events in the Marvel Comics Universe, Steve Rogers - the original Captain America - found himself drained of his youth-sustaining Super Soldier Serum and unable to continue in his costumed role. The mantle was instead assumed by his longtime friend Sam Wilson, formerly The Falcon, who has operated as the current Captain America for several months in the controversial but popular Captain America: Sam Wilson series; with the now (naturally) aged Rogers serving as a mentor and leader for Wilson and other heroes of the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe.

But you can't keep a good soldier down; and with a second Civil War looming, Marvel Comics has announced that Steve Rogers will be regaining his powers and becoming Captain America once again in the new series Captain America: Steve Rogers this Spring.

Revealed first as part of Cap's 75th Anniversary Special on ABC, Captain America: Steve Rogers will see the WWII-era hero donning a new variation on his classic costume as he goes into battle against a new incarnation of his old enemy, HYDRA. In addition to the new threads, Rogers will wield a new, high-tech variation on his shield. Designed by artist Daniel Acuña, the new shield is based partially on the triangular version Cap carried in his original Golden Age comics debut and was shown using during his first mission in Captain America: The First Avenger. It features an energy-blade for attacks and can split in two for enhanced combat capabilities.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 1 - Costume

Captain America - Steve Rogers 1-Shield Action

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (2016) Cover

Meanwhile, the more well-known circular shield will continue to be held by Sam Wilson, whose individual series, use of the "Captain America" name and focus on politically-charged issues will also continue. The plan is for both Captains to tackle different fronts of battle in the Marvel Universe, with Rogers handling traditional superheroics while Wilson continues his focus on politically-charged, socially-relevant storylines about corruption and community justice. Said series writer Nick Spencer:

Captain America: Steve Rogers and Captain America: Sam Wilson will act as great counter-points to one another. If you're digging the topical, ripped-from-the-headlines approach we're taking in Sam's book, we've got plenty more of that to come. And if you're up for a more timeless take, with Captain America facing off against Hydra and his classic rogues gallery, Steve's book will be just the thing for you.”

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 is set for a Spring 2016 debut, written by Steve Spencer with art by Jesus Saiz.

Source: Marvel

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