This Doctor Doom Cosplay Is Better Than Anything In The Movies

Doctor Doom

When it comes to the costumes worn by superheroes and supervillains, almost anything goes. It's not a surprise, then, that during the conventions dedicated to comic books we see plenty of talented artists, crafters and tinkerers create some very elaborate cosplay that often rival anything audiences have ever seen in theaters or on TV.

Such is the case with second installment of Marvel's new video series, Marvel Becoming, which features avid cosplayer Hex Mortis in his latest geeky endeavor of love, Doctor Doom. The first episode of Marvel Becoming (which will showcase a new cosplay creation each week), highlighted Yaya Han in her Scarlet Witch ensemble. While her outfit is intriguing and definitely head turning, it doesn't really match the sheer impressiveness of what Mortis has created with his broad-shouldered, hulking Doctor Doom suit.

The one-minute video shows Mortis getting dressed in the cosplay outfit while little blurbs pop-up on screen giving details on the suit. The eight major pieces of the suit were crafted from EVA foam (a common component in cosplay costumes) which include: gauntlets, "grieces" (presumably meaning "greaves"), shoulder armor (including cape badges), gloves, tunic and hood (recycled from older suits) and pistol. To make the costume even more badass, Mortis added battle damage (presumably from fights with the Fantastic Four) and inserted laser lights in the fingertips of the gloves for a little something extra. Watch the video below:

It's no secret that the Fantastic Four franchise is in dire straits when it comes to adapting the comic for the big screen; so much, in fact, that Twentieth Century Fox cancelled the sequel to last summer's reboot after it failed to find an audience at the box office.

Of all of the franchise's theatrical missteps, arguably its biggest was how the cosmic-powered team's nemesis, Doctor Doom, was handled - none of the films seemed to ever fully embrace the character's over-the-top megalomaniacal style, something Mortis appears to have captured quite nicely (and on a significantly smaller budget). If another reboot happens, perhaps the studio should go with this cosmetic version of Doom, instead of trying to realistically explain away his powers or appearance.

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Source: Marvel

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