Marvel's Avengers Voice Actors Blown Away By Game

Nolan North and Troy Baker, voice actors for Marvel's Avengers, assure fans that the game blew their minds when they saw it during gameplay demos.

Captain America Marvel's Avengers

Two of the voice actors of Marvel's Avengers promises that the game will blow players' minds. Square Enix finally revealed a first look at the game at its 2019 E3 presentation by releasing a cinematic trailer. While the trailer unveiled the plot of the game, Square Enix also gave fans a first look at the title's characters and announced the game's cast, which includes Troy Baker as Hulk, Laura Bailey as Black Widow and Nolan North as Iron Man.

However, the trailer didn't excite a lot of fans, and got a lot of with mixed reviews. Some in the industry found it odd that the trailer did not reveal any actual gameplay footage, especially with a playable demo available on the E3 show floor. Gamers understand that cinematic trailers are often not representative of the final product, so the lack of gameplay footage in the trailer left many scratching their heads. Why didn't Square Enix show off more?

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North and Baker, though, feel that Marvel's Avengers is much better than what most players expect. According to, the two voice actors took the stage at Manchester Comic Con and praised the game. North spoke about the fantastic graphics:

 “You always worry that [a game] looks so good, and then you get the game and you’re like, ‘oh gameplay doesn’t look as good.’ [Avengers] really, visually, it’s one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. And obviously with The Last of Us, Uncharted, they’re amazing, but [Avengers] blew me away.”

Avengers Game Trailer Giant Villain

Baker agreed and spoke about how he couldn't tell the difference between scripted footage in Marvel's Avengers from gameplay footage:

“It really honestly is [amazing]. I’m gonna share something with you: we saw the demo that they’re gonna release a week after Gamescom…I told our director, I was like cool, that’s a great demo, and I asked one question and he goes ‘No man, that’s all gameplay.’…It looked like a scripted event [and I was confusing it] with gameplay."

With a public demo soon to arrive, Marvel's Avengers certainly sounds better than what players are currently anticipating. Square Enix also recently announced that it would listen to player feedback about Marvel's Avengers. The company wants to use criticism to deliver an even better game. Square Enix also clarified that the game's overall plot is part of a single-player campaign. There was a lot of confusion at E3 with many believing that the title would also be mostly co-op, but co-op mode is only available through unlockable side missions. It's still unclear how the side missions will work, though.

The positive comments by Nolan and Baker should assure fans who are still worried about picking up Marvel's Avengers when it releases in 2020. Square Enix also has enough time to assess feedback from players, especially after the demo releases, and make adjustments to create a title that people will want to buy. After the underwhelming E3 trailer, Square Enix needs to get more players on board with the game. However, it seems that North and Baker believe that won't be a problem once players see more.

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