The Avengers' Next Gay Couple Being Teased By Marvel?

Avengers New Gay Couple Fuse Noh-Varr

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for West Coast Avengers #10

Marvel's next gay couple might be one that fans never saw coming... even if the movie universe is still keeping fans waiting for LGBTQ representation in the MCU.

In the pages of West Coast Avengers, two teammates have been getting close. Johnny Watts AKA 'Fuse,' current boyfriend of Kate Bishop AKA the second Hawkeye, and Noh-Varr AKA 'Marvel Boy,' ex-boyfriend of Kate Bishop have finally confessed their mutual attraction. Not just to the reader, but to Kate, eachother, and the entire Avengers team.

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If readers aren't familiar with this comic series, the West Coast Avengers is written to resemble a reality television show, with each member of the team recording confessionals throughout the books (thanks to a literal camera crew understood to be filming their adventures). Kate's ex Noh-Varr joined the team recently, and her current boyfriend Johnny has been less than jealous. Well actually, more than jealous, with a few hints of some kind of attraction drawing the two together (that definitely isn't their feelings for Kate). Working closely alongside each other has brought up feelings, and both men have decided to admit them--just as West Coast Avengers comes to a close.

In their last confessionals of the series, Noh-Varr and Fuse both express how "hot" they think the other one is. The body language these two have had throughout several issues has hinted at this well enough, but their responses to having the "hotness" comments called out shows it's more than just a passing observation (responding by stammering and blushing, respectively). When Kate heads to her own confessional, the filming team can't help but ask her about the potential for a love triangle. It would seem this news isn't a total surprise to Kate, at least where Noh-Varr is concerned, since she responds by asking if she has "ever dated anyone straight?" The whole team knows the answer is an emphatic "NO!" suggesting this confessed attraction is something that nobody involved, including Kate, would actually object to.

While Fuse and Noh-Varr would certainly not be the first same-sex couple to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, they might be the newest. The Young Avengers had Wiccan and Hulkling, while Shatterstar and Rictor became a thing in X-Force. They wouldn't even be the first same-sex couple in this series - also dating in West Coast Avengers are America Chavez and Ramone Watts, who recently embraced the powers of Wolverine AND Venom as 'Alloy.' A confessed attraction may suggest nothing more than Noh-Varr and Fuse's sexual preference being something other than "straight," but the series began with tension between Kate and Johnny... so Kate may let them have their shot.

West Coast Avengers has now ended, but we are hoping this is not the last time we see these two. Perhaps they will get their own series, or we might see them pop up in another run. And what about Kate? Will she ever find a straight guy to date? Only time will tell.

West Coast Avengers #10 is on sale now from Marvel online and at your local comic shop.

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